The perspectives are polarized. Evangelicals want to see Government reflect the reality of God in all its policies and legislation. Ultimately the human race is accountable to the Government of God. All people and all nations ultimately are answerable to God. Christians would like to see a God-fearing government in power.

Others argue for a completely secular government where there is no mention of God. They feel government should be more representative and reflect the diversity of the people.  Even if western society was once built on Judeo-Christian values, they argue that today the reality has shifted to a Judeo-Christian-Muslim-Buddhist-Hindu-agnostic-atheist-humanist mix.

So whether it is the beginning of life issues like abortion and stem cell research or end of life issues like euthanasia or issues that fall somewhere in between the beginning and end of our lives – we are not united. Prayer in schools, Ten Commandments in Courtrooms, the American Pledge of Allegiance, Intelligent Design, Same sex marriages, etc.  The issues to debate are many.

People can get so entangled and hot-headed in these big debates that they fail to see the forest for the trees. The trees (divisive political issues) loom so big in people’s minds, they become personal obstacles blocking the big picture ( the forest) from their view.  Some are more concerned about the trees than the forest.

Governments will come and go. Some will fear God and others will not. GOD, GOVERNMENT AND YOU.  For today, please delete the middle word in that equation. It is far more critical for you to think about your own relationship with God – there is no bigger picture for you to consider.

Think about GOD AND YOU.

  •          Who is God?
  •          Why do I think He does not exist when others claim they have a personal relationship with Him?
  •          Who am I to claim He is not real when others have experienced His reality. Are they all a bunch of liars?
  •          But if I allow the fact that He may be real to some, then I have acknowledged He exists.
  •          Who am I?
  •          Why am I here?
  •          Where am I going?
  •          How long will I be here?
  •          If evidence exists to prove God is real, would I dare consider it?
  •          If there is a Creator and I am a creature, then I am accountable to Him. What are His standards and how does He measure my performance?
  •          If I do not meet His standard, what are the consequences?

Friend, I have personally experienced the REALITY of GOD.  I know He exists. I talked to Him earlier today and I have had a very personal and intimate relationship with Him for a number of years.

If He exists for one, then He exists for all.

Please think about your own relationship with God.  If you would like to know more about God and how you can have a relationship with Him, read more on this website and look at the resources available to you. Ultimately, I want to point you to the Bible.  Read Romans chapter 1, chapter 3 and chapter 5.


Peter Ramsay

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