Ahmed, a Palestinian boy was playing outside his home in the town of Jenin in the West Bank. Nearby there was skirmish between the Israeli and Palestinian forces. The Israeli troops mistook the 12 year old boy for a suspected gunman. The child held in his hand a plastic toy gun with an imitation telescopic sight.

The boy suffered life threatening wounds to his head and stomach and was rushed first to a Palestinian Hospital and then to a better-equipped Israeli Medical Center. But young Ahmed was quickly placed on life support and the medical team determined his condition to be hopeless.

A broken-hearted Palestinian family gathered at the hospital to make a decision. We can only imagine the deep emotions that would have wrenched the heart of Ahmed’s parents as they saw their innocent little boy dying from wounds inflicted by the Israeli soldiers.

As they said goodbye to their son, Ismail al-Khatib and his wife chose to send a message of peace to the world and to those who shot their son. The desire of their heart was to donate their son’s organs to whoever was in need of them, whether it was for a Jewish child, or an Arab child – whether they were Muslim or Christian. Ismail, the boy’s father said the family had a “message for the world.” “Peace for everyone.” (1)