Many progressive corporations encourage their employees to ‘think outside the box’. In that context the slogan challenges people to be creative and not be limited by the boundaries of past practices. Don’t be boxed in by the walls of conventional thinking. But Arbor Memorial Services Inc. has added a new twist to the slogan.

Some residents of Ottawa, Ontario in Canada find the billboards crude and offensive. And admittedly, the message does seem to have a bit of an ‘edge’. One strategy to promote Capital Memorial Gardens (Funeral Home) is to picture a coffin decorated with flowers on a billboard, with this caption below the coffin: Think outside the box. (1) The funeral home is appealing to potential clients to make funeral arrangements with them before the death occurs. They want the business.

As chilling and morbid as the slogan sounds for a marketing strategy, spiritually it is full of meaning. It is too late to worry about your relationship with God and where you will go after death interrupts your life. When the coffin is being carried by friends, it is far too late to change things. Things are irreversible at that point.

Now is the time to do your thinking.
Now is the time to get your relationship with God sorted out.
Now is the time to think things through seriously.
Now is the time to read the Bible.
Now is the time to be real about your sin.
Now is the time to appreciate that Christ died for your sins.
Now is the time to think, plan and choose Christ as your Saviour.
When it comes to spiritual issues – think outside the box!

Where should you read in your Bible?

If you would like to know where the problem of sin in the human race started read: Genesis Chapter 3.

If you would like to read a detailed description of God’s diagnosis of problem read:
Romans Chapter 3.

If you would like to read Jesus’ message to a religious man and to you read:
John Chapter 3.

(1) The Gazette, Montreal, March 22, 2006, B5, Living Nightmare in Ottawa by Jennifer Campbell