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I just have to share this story with you. This is my personal story of how I found peace in my life and realized that there was a purpose for living.

Surely, you have had thoughts about the purpose in life. Maybe you have always wondered what will happen to you after you die. Or perhaps you have a constant spiritual ache that will not go away.

You may find it difficult to believe but when I was a young girl, I had all these questions answered. You see, I grew up in a home where the Bible was read regularly. What better book to answer life’s questions! After all, it’s a book inspired by God, our very own Creator! As a young girl, I knew that God’s Word told me clearly that I was a sinner. I read in Romans 3:23 that “all have sinned” and have come short of God’s holy standard. God could not possibly allow sin to corrupt His heavenly home. It was quite terrifying when I realized that I could not go to Heaven as I was. Even though I tried to be a good little girl for my parents and my teacher, I was a little sinner and nothing I could ever do would change that fact.

God tells us in the book of Ephesians that “by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: [it is] the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.” (Ephesians 2:8, 9) Jesus even tells a very religious man named Nicodemas (who knew much more about the Bible than I did) that he had to be “born again”. (John 3:7) Since it was my sin that would keep me out of Heaven, was it possible to have them forgiven?

Now here comes my favourite part of the story. I remember lying on the bed in the old farmhouse when I thought of the man…Jesus! He hadn’t only come to heal people and to do so many good things but He had come to die. “Jesus came into the world to save sinners!” (1 Timothy 1:15) That night I realized that Jesus had come to die for my sins! His death had bridged the gap between God and me. I remember rolling over under the covers with a huge smile on my face knowing that my future is/was?? secure. All I could do was thank God for sending His only Son. The problem of my sin had been settled and God would welcome me into Heaven because 2000 years ago, Jesus had forgiven me!

I have been enjoying this personal relationship with my Father ever since that cold February night. Although some days are rough and life can get complicated, I have a peace beyond understanding. Things are changing all around me, but the GOD I serve never changes. He tells me to “Cast all my cares upon HIM because He cares for me.” I certainly recommend Him to you. He is my purpose for living!

Life is much more than bringing home the dollar and then spending it. Life is more than partying, than going to church, than chasing down the latest fashions or electronics. This life has been given to you so that you will prepare for the life after you die.