How much more connected could society be? How much smaller can the world get? Technology has provided us with so many links, connections and networks it’s hard to imagine any further advances in the future that will close the gaps between us even more. Phones, email, text messaging, instant messaging and on and on.

As the gaps are closed and perspectives are broadened and instantaneous connections can be made with people around the globe, are we finally conquering the plague of isolation and loneliness that has afflicted so many people in every part of the world? No – good solid information suggests otherwise.

In 2004, the Economist magazine identified Ireland as the best place to live in the entire world based on a “quality of life” assessment. But assessments can be misleading. A fact from Google statistics in 2006 reveal that the residents of Ireland sit at their computers and type in the word ‘lonely’ more often than in any other part of the world. Dublin topped the city list for ‘lonely’ searches in the world. (1)

CNN recently featured an Associated Press story entitled “Lonely Nation”. An authoritative study in the American Sociological Review revealed this: the average American has only two close friends in whom they would confide on important matters – down from an average of three in 1985. The number of people who said they had no such close friend soared from 10% in 1985 to nearly 25% in 2004. Another 19% could only think of one close friend – often their spouse. (2)

Even though people are connecting much more frequently with a widening circle of acquaintances in a frantically paced society – growing numbers are experiencing inner loneliness and a sense of isolation in this crowded world of 6 billion people.

How about you?

Have you ever craved a deeper friendship, a real intimacy in life that is fulfilling in every way, a sense of connectedness and belonging that you haven’t yet experienced? Have you experienced the fun and excitement of shallow entertainment and short-lived highs, only to hit the bottom and then wonder – is there anything more to life than these little rushes and effervescent pleasures?

Perhaps you feel isolated and alone, even though you are surrounded by acquaintances and activities. Maybe your life is crowded with many things but yet you still feel like you are a vulnerable island surrounded and pounded by the waves of life’s ocean.

Do you know why you have that void deep inside? Why do you experience emptiness and isolation? It is because you are missing God in your life. We were made by God for God. He put within us a faculty that provided for a close vertical relationship with Himself. Tragically, sin wrecked and destroyed the relationship for all of us. But the capacity to have a new relationship with God still remains in you. That’s why you are experiencing the loneliness. Something that could be there is missing in your life. Someone who wants to be in your life is outside your life. You have no connection with God. Your sin is still a barrier between you and God. (Isaiah 59:2) It is no great wonder then that you feel lonely and alone.

As you read this, you can choose to have a relationship with God through the Lord Jesus Christ. Christ died for your sins to make a new relationship with God possible. The moment you accept Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour you are born by the Spirit of God into God’s family. That very moment you will experience spiritual intimacy and Divine love that you have never experienced before. That moment you will know you are plugged in – connected to the eternal God. The point of connection is God’s Son – Jesus Christ.

Personal faith in Christ will bring you into an inseparable and eternal personal relationship with God. The void will be filled. The loneliness will be cured. The isolation will flee away – because deep within your heart, you will experience the nearness of the living Christ. He will care for you. He will nurture you and strengthen you. He said: “I will never leave you or forsake you.” Hebrews 13:5. The Bible also says: “There is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.” Proverbs 18:24.

Come to Christ today and never be ‘alone’ again.

(2) Lonely Nation, CNN, The Associated Press, August 6, 2006

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