So the flap continues between the night hawks and morning larks. Some early morning faces are better covered. Half the day passes before the “let me crawl back in bed” look finally wears off their face.  Morning people tend to think their approach to life is superior! They have great disdain for the slack, undisciplined lifestyle of the night hawks.  Night hawks, when awakened prematurely in the morning can make life miserable for the first few hours as they emit the “don’t talk to me” signals.

Why the difference in the two? Blame it on the Period 3 Gene.  DNA studies prove that night hawks have shorter Period 3 genes than morning people. It is also vitally important for us to know that our circadian cycles are controlled mainly by a region within the brain’s hypothalamus known as the suprachiasmatic nucleus.  Got all that?

Here’s the catch though – only 30% of Christians can blame their early morning or late night preferences on their biology. The rest of us can easily choose to be either. We can adjust and adapt quite easily – if we want to. It all depends on the lifestyle that appeals to us. Sleep specialists also confirm that even the 30% segment can override their genes if they choose to do so – if they want to.

Research shows that people, who exercise or perform other rituals in the morning, are far more likely to be consistent in their habits than those who walk or jog or read in the evening.

David told the Lord:

My voice You shall hear in the morning (dawn),

O Lord. In the morning will I direct my prayer unto You and will look up.

Psalm 5:3.

The Lord didn’t say to Moses: “Whenever you get around to crawling out of bed tomorrow, I want to see you sometime during the day at the top of Mount Sinai.”  No! The Lord said in Exodus 34:2 “Be ready in the morning and come up in the morning unto Mount Sinai and present yourself there to me…” When Hannah and her husband were returning home, it says: “They rose up in the morning early and worshipped before the Lord and returned….” (1 Samuel 1:19)

Christian warfare is real and the battle rages on every day.  Every day we step out into a world that hates our Savior and a world that is dominated by Satan himself. How vulnerable we are when we crawl out of bed at the last minute, wipe the scum off our face, grab a piece of toast and head out the door for the day. Spending time with the Lord each morning, reading and praying, is critical to our daily Christian performance.  Consider the Perfect Example – look at Jesus Himself. He put in grueling days of travel, preaching and interactions with people. But in Mark 1:35 we find Him arising before dawn and going to a special spot to pray.

But I just can’t do it. I’m a night person.”  Leaving on a trip? Yes! Up at the crack of dawn.  Going fishing? Get an early start. An exam? The alarm goes off at 5AM.  Golfing tee-off times? Get there early.

I got up early one morning to explore the inner-city I was visiting. I walked past the skateboard park. Five teens were there at 7AM doing their stunts. They yelled out: “Good morning, sir.” “You guys are at it early today,” I shouted back. They replied: “We came at 5AM so we could have the place to ourselves.”

Motivation is the key. If we love it and are excited about it, it’s so much easier for our feet to hit the floor in the morning. Am I excited about the hearing the Lord Himself speak to me and the privilege of talking to Him? If I am, it will be the first matter of business each day for me.

Walk carefully and closely with the Lord today.

Warmly in Christ

Peter Ramsay

[email protected]