If you were being chased by a vicious dog and you saw an open door, what would you do? If you were lost in a long dark tunnel and finally you saw the light of an open door, what would you do? The answer is obvious. Entering through the door into the sunlight would be a huge relief.

On an ordinary day, when life is routine, we take doors for granted. Recently a remarkable door was discovered, despite the fact that no one was looking for it. In Zurich, Switzerland work is underway to construct a large parking lot near the Opera House.

Excavations have dug-up and uncovered an incredible find – an ancient door. They say it is incredibly well preserved. Archaeologists believe it is one of the oldest doors ever to be found in Europe. The ancient door is about 1.5 metres high. The planks are made of poplar wood and held together by a ‘remarkable system’.  The door is ‘solid and elegant’ – a clever design which even looks good. Even the wooden handles are preserved. (1)

Based on counting tree rings to determine its age, the door was constructed in 3,063BC. (2) Helmut Schlichtherle, an archaeologist for the conservation department in the German state of Baden-Wuerttemberg said: “Some might say it’s only a door, but this a great find…” (3)

There’s no question about it – when you find a 5000 year old door incredibly preserved, it is something to be excited about. Workers didn’t even know the door existed; needless to say it was a great surprise.

I’m no archaeologist but I too found a remarkable, well preserved and fully functioning door of historic significance. In my case, I was desperately looking for it. I am so glad the door was wide open when I got to it. I was outside in dense darkness and I was deeply bothered. I had heard about a door that people could enter for safety and blessing but I knew I was still on the outside – still searching.

The greatest moment in my life was when I discovered the door. I had no desire to stay outside any longer. As soon as I found the door I entered. What a change when you enter and you are on the inside. No longer outside. That open door made all the difference in my life.

Using the adjectives to describe the 5000 year old Zurich door, the door I found is ‘solid and elegant’ as well – but on a different level completely. And yes, some might say of my door – it’s only a door. But to me it was a great find.

I discovered the one and only door to heaven. The door to God. The door to eternal life. One beautiful Bible verse explains what I am talking about:

Jesus said:

I am the door;

If any one enters in,

He shall be saved.

John 10:9

Our sins are a huge barrier between us and God. On one side of the barrier is darkness, sadness, emptiness, disappointment, bondage and many other sad things. On the other side is light, happiness, acceptance, forgiveness and eternal life. Obviously one side is bad and the other side is good.

Jesus referred to Himself metaphorically as the door to Heaven. Because of our sin, we were blocked from God. The awesome message of the Bible is that Christ came down to earth to deal with the barrier of our sin and to open up the way for sinners to be brought to God. Jesus did this by accepting the punishment for our sins by his death on the Cross.  His death on the Cross opened up the way for sinners to be brought safely to God. That’s why He said: “I am the door.”

The greatest door of all times is not one that has been buried in the earth for thousands of years.  The greatest door of all times is the ONE who was indeed  buried but was raised from the dead three days later; the One who is alive and fully functioning today as the open door to God.

Would you like to enter that Door right now? Would you like to leave the dark downward road to Hell and destruction and enter the door to eternal life and light? Jesus said: “I am the door, by me, if anyone enters in he shall be saved.” (John 10:9) You aren’t reading this by chance. He is trying to get your attention. He is beckoning you to enter. He wants to welcome you in. He said: “Come to ME, all who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.”(Matthew 11:28) And if you are afraid He will reject you when you try to enter the open door, He reassures all who come to Him: “Whoever comes to me, I will never cast out.” (John 6:37)

Have you found the door? Have you entered? Are you inside? What a tragedy if you never enter and you find yourself on the outside of a closed door in the future. Opportunities do come to an end. Look at this graphic life map based on the words of Christ. Locate yourself. Consider the Open Door and enter today.


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