There is something in George Clooney’s past that restricts his future. He will never be what many of his fans think he could be. Why? Quite simply: his past. He may travel to many places but there is one place he’ll never be able to go. Again, it is because of a past he can’t undo.  Nor is there anything he can do in the future that will erase his past.

The highly acclaimed celebrity and Academy Award winning actor has starred in many movies and has collected more than the average number of awards for one simple reason: he’s not the average mediocre actor. He’s a cut above most. Adding to his acting credits is an increasingly impressive string of humanitarian initiatives around the world, particularly in Darfur (Sudan) and Haiti. He has become a voice for those too far down or under for their ‘little’ voices to ever be heard.

A Future American President

In his latest movie Ides of March, to be released in December, 2011, Mr. Clooney plays the part of a Democratic presidential candidate vying for the Oval Office.  As an actor he can make it look like he qualifies to hold the highest office in his country. Even in reality, Clooney seems to possess all the people skills and charisma to make the consummate politician. Could he ever become the President of the United States of America for real? President George Clooney. Many think the greying heart throb would make a great president but he knows something about himself that slams that door shut in life.

The Real Me

Honestly, we all know things about ourselves that, if exposed, would cloud our future. Mr. Clooney is no fool. He knows that to become president people overturn every stone in one’s life looking for discrediting dirt. Candidates for the highest office step into a fish bowl and their private lives are scrutinized. Transparency is expected.

Disqualified By His Past

In an interview with Newsweek, the Oscar winning actor recently said: “I didn’t live my life in the right way for politics, you know.” (1) He went on to say that he had too many women and too many drugs in his past, and then he added: “And that’s the truth.” Mr. Clooney believes his past disqualifies him from a serious run for the White House. He’ll have to settle for something less.

Dear Mr. Clooney:

I admire your candor about your past. I also admire your efforts in humanitarian relief. I have some great news for you.

Although your past may disqualify you from becoming president, your past actually qualifies you to receive something far better and more permanent.

Good Works Now Can’t Erase the Past

You seem to be well aware of the fact that your honorable efforts to champion the cause of the vulnerable cannot erase your past. But let me share some good news with you about One who can totally erase every dark entry on the most significant records of the Universe.

Your entire record can be wiped clean and every dark spot can be removed – not by your good and beneficial deeds but by the work and value of Another.

Oval Office: Probably No. Heaven: Definitely Yes!

Your past may keep you from making it to the White House but it doesn’t have to keep you out of Heaven or keep you from becoming a Christian.

It is your past and mine that caused God to send His only Son to Earth to die on a cross. “Christ died for our sins.”  1Corinthians 15:3

Mr. Clooney, here’s the good news for you:  “The blood of Jesus Christ, His Son cleanses from ALL sin.” 1John 1:7. God offers you a complete deletion, a purging of your entire record of sin. He wants to clear you of every offense and wrong doing and misdemeanor and every poor choice you have ever made.

Complete Forgiveness Available NOW

God can bless you with full and complete forgiveness and still be a holy and righteous God. The only thing God ever had against you or me was our sins. The death of Christ was no ordinary death. It was a death that paid the penalty of sin in order for God to offer you free and full forgiveness.

You may never become President or make it to Oval Office but Mr. Clooney you can be 100% sure of making it to Heaven because Christ has looked after your past. You qualify for full acceptance into God’s family.

“To all who did receive Him, who believed in His Name, He gave the right to become the children of God.”  (John 1:12)

Not a Reward – A Free Gift

Your Oscars and your awards are something you earned and deserved. But what God offers you, is a gift – not an award or reward. It is something we could never earn or deserve – but because He is the God of all grace, He offers to you, this very day, as a free gift the following: eternal life, full forgiveness of sins, a permanent intimate relationship with Himself and a home forever in Heaven.

Mr. Clooney, your past qualifies you for God’s greatest blessing – forgiveness and eternal life through Jesus Christ. You qualify but will you accept? Please do.”

Friend, God is offering you the same blessing. Will you accept it with a sincere and thankful heart? Will you receive Christ as your personal Saviour just now?

“The gift of God is eternal life, through Jesus Christ our Lord.”

Romans 6:23

“For by grace you have been saved through faith.

And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God,

not a result of works, so that no one may boast.”

Ephesians 2:8-9


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