Who said: “My Life Sucks?”

Perhaps you have said that or thought that. Maybe you have looked in the mirror and all you can see is sadness and emptiness and waste.

Your life does not need to be like this.

As you consider your options – probably religion is not one of your options. Are you turned off from religion? I don’t blame you. Religion is not what you need.

You need something to radically overhaul your life – – something that will change you from the inside out and also change your future for good.

You are not the first person to be trapped, handcuffed and shackled by something. You are not the first person to feel there is no way out. You are not the first person to scream on the inside: “My life sucks!”I am personally glad you have come across our website. Yes, you will see the words: Jesus, Christian, Bible, etc. But please don’t be turned off immediately. Please give me a chance. The bottom line is I am not going to promote ‘religion’ as the answer.

Others have been freed from their trap. Others have had their life do a 180 for good. Others have found a higher meaning for their life. Others have found deep inner peace. Others have been taken out of darkness into light. There is no reason why you can’t too – unless you object.

There is important information on this website for you. Some of the material may be shocking. There might be something here that could make you angry as well. But if you really want your life to positively change, then work through your reactions and work through your emotions and work through the links below. Don’t ‘jump ship’ as soon as you come across something you don’t agree with or something that ticks you off.

The deepest answer you are searching for is actually here. I am confident of that. There’s good news here. The very light you are looking for in your darkness can be found on this website. Read some of the Life Lessons stories. And if you would like to email me confidentially, click here.

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