“But I’m not a reader. It doesn’t come naturally to me.”

Why is it that some who claim to be not-so-great readers can wade through some very complex academic books and pull off a few pretty decent marks? In case you haven’t noticed lately, students lug to class gigantic books loaded with heavy reading, complicated diagrams, complex formulae and baffling perplexities to comprehend. Hard in content, heavy in weight and hefty in price ($75 – $150). Of course, we know that increasingly e-books are also being studied but with no less content.

Many of these students feel they’re not naturally ‘good’ students or ‘avid’ readers. So how do they do it in college? They make themselves do it. It’s a must. They have the determination and the discipline to wade through 100’s of pages of new material – making notes and underlining key concepts. They may not grasp every detail as their cerebral muscle works overtime preparing for exams but they manage to scrape by or even ‘ace the exam’ — as they say.

Have you done any heavy reading lately of a spiritual nature? How many pages are in your Bible? (952 in mine.) How many verses have you underlined? How many marginal notes have you made this year? How many chapters have you summarized in your notebook? How many themes have you pursued?

If you have one of those minds that likes to be challenged to the nth degree – try your Bible. Dig into it’s content. It’s a gold mine – just waiting for you to strike it rich!

Would you invest in a Bible-based text book that costs more than $29.95? In the past twelve months have you read a Bible-based book of more than 100 pages in length? Did you read it along with your Bible, making notes and grasping its content with the help of the Holy Spirit? What truth or doctrine have you recently studied?

The Apostle Paul was an elderly Christian when he wrote his 2nd letter to Timothy. One thing he was really missing in the Roman prison, as he awaited execution, was his books. It seems he was cold and shivering and feeling very lonely – missing the fellowship of believers and the companionship of his younger associates. Hoping that Timothy would be able to visit him, he wrote these words:

When you come, bring the cloak that I left with Carpus at Troas,
also the books, and above all the parchments.
2Timothy 4:13

He was missing his library. Maybe he was only allowed to check two pieces of luggage and allowed only one carry-on for his flight to Rome. Or maybe there was a mix-up in his luggage and he had to submit a baggage claim to Timothy. One thing is certain: he was really missing his books and the parchments.

Dear Child of God – as helpful as pamphlets and tracts may be on Bible topics, don’t settle for summaries of topics or little devotional daily-living snippets you might receive from someone else each week. God has blessed you with a strong mind and He does not want you to waste it on merely secular things. Put your intellect to use for the Lord. Don’t settle for a superficial knowledge of the Scriptures while you acquire an in-depth knowledge of some secular pursuit. Study spiritual things robustly.

Invest in some quality, doctrinally sound heavy-duty books (recommended by the overseers of your local church assembly or other Godly Christian women or men who have the confidence of the elders who are watching out for you.)

Become disciplined. Have a plan. Identify a Biblical truth or doctrine you want to study in-depth. And look to the Holy Spirit to guide you and to preserve you from error.

Get into the Book of books as well as the books and the parchments.

Walk carefully and closely with the Lord today.
Warmly in Christ,
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