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A True Leader Leads By Example.

Some people fill leadership positions but really that’s all they get – the position but not the people. They aren’t true leaders. They’ve just been successful in securing the position.  By the way, as a Christian I must show them respect and submit to those in positions of authority. But a ‘true’ leader leads by example and it’s powerful.

No better example than Christ could ever be found. He didn’t just preach humility – He displayed it. He didn’t just tell others to be kind, compassionate and generous – from the first glimmer of morning light to the fading colors of the evening skies – He was Kindness, Compassion and Generosity.

King David was a ‘true’ leader. Although he would never live to see the Temple built for the Lord, he still wanted to do whatever he could for the Lord. The least he could do was to start stockpiling the materials required for its construction. He told the people that as King he had made the ‘official government contributions’ to secure the pricey materials for the coming Temple. But really that would come as no surprise to the people. Hearing that announcement would not melt anyone’s heart. When a politician commits government money to a project or an elder turns over a cheque from the local assembly to hurricane victims – isn’t that just the fulfillment of their official responsibility?

What came next in the King’s speech probably caused some jaws to drop. King David went on to say that he ‘personally’ dug deep into his own pockets to give generously to the Lord. He said he felt so strongly about this, he had already turned over his own personal treasures of gold and silver.  You can almost imagine the eyebrows going up as people whispered to each other: “Imagine that! Our King didn’t just make a donation out of government coffers; he emptied out his own bank account to contribute to the cause. He personally sacrificed much.”

The King continued his speech. “I have told you the commitment my government made to build this Temple for the Lord. I have also humbly shared with you what I have personally given to the Lord. Now I would like to ask you:

“Who then is
willing to consecrate his service
this day
Unto the Lord?”

1 Chronicles 29:5

What did the King mean? He challenged the people to prove their own devotion to the Lord. If they genuinely loved the Lord, they too would gladly sacrifice their ‘personal’ treasures to advance the work of the Lord. The term ‘consecrate his service’ simply means to fill their hands full of what’s valuable and bring it to the Lord.

If you’d like people to be more positive and less critical – then blaze the trail yourself. If you’d like people to be more generous, then show them yourself what generosity looks like. If you’d like people to be more sensitive and better listeners – then make sure your ears are always open. Actions speak louder than words. That’s why King David made his own donation first before he asked his people to dig into their pockets. He was a ‘true’ leader – he had more than a position. He had the people. He never asked the people to do something he hadn’t already done himself.

What enabled David to lead by personal example? The Lord was reigning on the throne of David’s heart. What enables an elder to lead by example? His own intimacy with Christ produces the fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5:22-23. What will enable me or you to lead by exampleOur closeness to Christ will produce positive behavior with power that others will not be able to ignore.

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# b.sha
Saturday, August 18, 2007 1:05 PM

A very thought provoking B B . I suppose we could try to side step our responsibility outlined above by saying we are just a follower,not a leader.
However as sinners saved by thr grace of God, the Bible says we are ambassadors for our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and therefore should use what ever talents the Lord gave us to try to lead other (by word or deed) to the Lord Jesus. Alas perhaps we do not always put our actions where our claims are.

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