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Are you in the process of making a choice? Be careful. Choices are critical. They may appear to be rather small and unattached from other choices we make in life – but don’t be deceived. Our life is defined by the choices we make. The character of my life is reflected in the choices I make. The story of our life is a collection of choices and outcomes. That choice I made that seemed to be a stand-alone decision and unconnected to other things in my life, is actually one of the threads in the tapestry of my life. No choice is insignificant. Once again, the choices you make define who you are.

The Psalmist said:
“I have chosen the way of truth.
Thy judgments have I laid before me.”

Psalm 119:30

Another translation says: “I have chosen the way of faithfulness.” To live by the truth and to be a faithful Christian doesn’t just happen. I must make the choice. A choice is a conscious decision. The Bible character Daniel, purposed in his heart that he would not disappoint the Lord down in Babylon. Have you ever bowed by your bed, on your knees and made a conscious decision before the Lord to be a faithful Christian who will honor and uphold and defend God’s truth? Other Christians make choices – but their choice may be to just drift along, choosing not to choose to serve the Lord faithfully; or choosing not to choose the way of truth. They may choose to ignore certain things in the Word of God that affect how they live. But is that the way you want to be?

There are tragic examples in the Word of God of extremely poor choices individuals made. It was a tragic choice that Lot made when he chose the well watered plains of Jordan (Genesis 13) and pitched his tent towards Sodom. The green fields looked so promising and the nearby city looked like a good possibility – but what a disaster for Lot and his family.

Maybe you are weighing things up and you are in the process of making a choice. Is the Lord a part of your decision making process? Are you allowing the Lord to lead you and speak to you through His Word and in your heart? Deep within, is there a feeling that your choice is probably wrong, but you are desperately trying to ignore that persistent whisper inside and you are pushing or bulldozing forward with the choice? Put the brakes on and back up!

Isn’t it nice to be able to switch off your bedroom light at the end of the day and for a few moments reflect on your day with the confidence that the choices you made were consistent with the Lord’s desire for your life. To be able to say: “Lord, I have chosen the way of truth, the path of faithfulness. Thy judgments have I laid before me and You have given me the strength today to live as a Christian should live. Thank you for preserving me this day. Help me tomorrow. Thanks for thy Love and for Thy Son. Good night Lord.”