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My Thought Life
Forward to a Friend.
I recall getting an email from a distraught Christian in his fifties. He lost his wife and children. He said the biggest blight in the lives of Christian men of all age groups is the pollution of the mind. Filthy thoughts. This is not limited to one gender. This addiction is not just a guy thing.
Around the same time as the email about pornography, a young man was struggling with another addiction. He was reeling from the effects of consuming alcohol. Although detoxification was available, he wanted to postpone it until he consumed the rest of his supply.
“Sad,” you say. “Was he a Christian,” you ask? “Yes, most definitely,” he replies. “Just an addiction different than yours,” he adds.
Yes, Christians can be addicted to many things. Is one addiction worse than another? An addiction is something that impairs your judgment and propels you to make poor choices that hurt you and those who love you. You can be a workaholic at the expense of your children and spouse. You can be an alcoholic at the expense of your job and your friends. Sportaholics and politaholics are often brittle and barren believers. You can be a pornaholic at the expense of your Christian testimony and character as well as your family and Christian fellowship.
It starts in my thought life. How I think and what I think and what I allow into my mind to think about are the critical factors. If I think about getting rich and making a big name for myself, I will be propelled towards my work. If you look at pictures and online stuff that appeal to your sexual appetite, your thoughts will increasingly move in that direction and you will find yourself ‘thinking’ more and more about filth. Garbage in – garbage out. If your intake is smut and filth, you know what the output will be.
The poet or lyricist who wrote Psalm 104 definitely had many thoughts swirling around in his head. He was mulling a lot of things over in his mind. Look at his eyes as he puts down his pen for a second to think some more. You can tell by his eyes that he’s not thinking about objects in the room – his mind is somewhere else. When you have some free time to relax, where does your mind travel? How’s your thought life?
Read Psalm 104. The Psalmist is thinking about the wonder and grandeur of God as the Owner/Operator of the Universe. His mind is pulsating with thoughts of God and his heart is beating – almost skipping a beat the more he thinks about the privilege of knowing the Great God of the Universe. By the time it’s time to put the pen down and get on with his day, he concludes with this:
“May my meditation (thoughts) be pleasing to Him,
For I rejoice in the Lord.”
Psalm 104:34
The King James Version says: “May my meditation of Him be sweet.” And that’s nice – for that’s exactly what the Psalmist is thinking about. But most translations put it the other way – that my thought life in general, my meditations, my musings, may be pleasing to Him – which gives it just a different emphasis. It’s not so much that I will enjoy the sweetness of meditating on Him – although that is absolutely true; but that the Lord will be pleased with the stuff that I am thinking about and meditating upon.
When your head is out of school books or away from the minute-by-minute pressures of your job – where does your mind travel and to what does it gravitate? When you have an hour to kill, with what do you fill your mind? Is it easy for your mind to be filled with hostile or bitter thoughts?
Is your thought life pleasing to Him? Can you allow the Lord into your thoughts and would He have been pleased with what you were thinking about late at night, or when your apartment is empty or when you are all alone? Read Philippians 4:8.
Walk carefully and closely with the Lord today.
Warmly in Christ,
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