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Rehearsing God in a Crisis

There are skirmishes and there are wars; but then there is the mother of all battles and that’s what was about to hit. The news reports were bleak and this battle would be overwhelming and devastating. It would be naively optimistic to speculate that even one person would survive. The Moabites and Ammonites had joined forces and a massive army was heading their way.

King Jehoshaphat knew he did not stand a chance. To beef-up his artillery or to conduct war rehearsals would be useless and meaningless. What do you do when you know the circumstances facing you are threateningly greater than you? Jehoshaphat didn’t always do the right thing during his reign but this time he did.

The King called all his people together. He basically told them to get serious about God; to set aside their normal routines; suspend even the activities of daily living and focus solely and wholeheartedly on God. With thousands of husbands and wives huddled together in one place, with their little children standing at their sides, they listened to the King pray. And did he ever pray! This was no routine or rote prayer.

Jehoshaphat rehearsed, recounted and reverently reasoned with God in thoughts something like this: “You are the God of our fathers and are You not above all of this down here on our little planet? You reign from Heaven and You own and manage the entire universe. What seems overwhelmingly big to us must really be so small to You. We have a relationship with You and historically You made promises to us and we know You have done mighty things in the past. This massive army, steadily marching towards us, intends to rip the inheritance You gave to us away from us. You are the only One who can deliver us.”

 O our God, won’t You stop them?
We are powerless against this mighty army that is about to attack us.
We do not know what to do,
but we are looking to You for help.”
2Chronicles 20:12 NLT
Maybe you are faced with an overwhelming crisis – far too big for you and far bigger than anything you have ever experienced before.
To make a long story short, when these people got serious about their relationship with God and focused singularly and solely upon Him and acknowledged their total physical inability to bring about a victory and inability to mentally strategize around, through or over the wall of circumstances, and rested 100% on the sovereignty and ability and reliability of their God – the outcome was better than they could ever have imagined.
(Grammatically, there are not enough periods in the previous paragraph and far too many ‘ands’ but in reality, everything was connected to the break-through victory.)
Get alone and rehearse God in His Presence today. Go over things – everything – with Him. Talk to Him about what you have already learned about His character from your Bible. Recall, in His Presence, verses that you have underlined in the past. Tell Him exactly how overwhelmed you feel and pour out your heart before Him. Tell Him you relied upon Him in your salvation-from-sin crisis and He saved you and that you are relying on Him for this crisis too.
No one has ever gone wrong by focusing solely and completely on our Good God in a time of crisis.
Walk carefully and closely with the Lord today.
Warmly in Christ,