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I am not sure if I have actually blatantly thought this, but maybe it has eroded my enthusiasm at times to do the little things that could be done. The thinking goes like this: “what difference would it make anyway? It is so insignificant, I can’t be bothered doing it.” Could a coffee with a person actually make a difference in their life? Giving a sweater to someone, well, how could that help the cause? Visiting the child with a sore throat and ear infection? “Nah, its not my thing! The kid probably could care less if I dropped by.” Pretty small stuff, eh?

Human nature tends to focus on the BIG opportunities. The high profile occasions. The big sacrifices. The outstanding deeds of kindness, where the “audience” stands back and applauds approvingly and adoringly. If it’s something big – like being a Sunday School teacher or an elder or an opportunity to be seen or heard ….. well then, maybe I will consider it. But the Lord uses a different measuring standard completely. Whether it is during the Tribulation period (the context in Matthew 25), or right now, the principle is always the same with the Lord:

Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.
Matthew 25:40.

In Mark 9:41 the principle is reiterated in words to this effect: Even if you give a cup of water to someone who belongs to Christ, you will be rewarded by the Lord. It sure doesn’t seem like much does it? If I could give a glass of water to Christ Himself to quench His thirst – I would grab the honour quickly; after all, I can think of no greater privilege then to do something for Him. Plus, there would be a bit of prestige and glamour associated with that, my old flesh whispers!

May the Lord help me to recognize that even stooping down to pick up the purse of the little old lady, is music to Heaven’s ear. Giving the $20. gift certificate phone card to allow the university student to call home, is on par with placing a sacrifice right in the nail pierced hand of your Saviour and Lord.

What you do may never be noticed or even appreciated by fellow believers. You may never be asked to give a report on your work to a group of believers. You may not be able to hold your peers spell-bound by your breath-taking exploits for the Lord. But really, is that what counts? No! What we may consider to be mundane, He considers magnificent. What seems little to us is great to Him. Your obscure acts of compassion, kindness and care are noticed in detail by the Lord.

Don’t miss an opportunity today. Ask the Lord to make you more aware of the little things you may have been overlooking up until now. The little touches of grace are precious to Him. Study His life and notice the special little touches of grace He added to those in need.

Surprise someone one today by doing a little thing for them.

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# Anonymous
Wednesday, March 15, 2006 4:49 PM

How very true is this B B .I can visualize a large group of good sincere christians paiently waiting for some really significant thing to do for their Lord ,meanwile all the little things they could have been doing remains undone.

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