“ .. The whole band of soldiers … they mocked Him … they spit upon Him … smote Him … and led Him away to crucify Him.”  Matthew 27:27-31 KJV

“…The whole Roman cohort…mocked Him…they spat on Him…beat Him….and led Him away to crucify Him.” Matthew 27:27-31 NASB

The whole band was called. They didn’t want even one of their friends to miss this morning of entertainment. The Jews had actually delivered one of their own into their hands. It was not a chance to be missed.

One by one, each man had his turn to bow his knee in mockery. One by one, each had his turn to spit into His face. One by one, each had his turn to crush the thorns deeper into His scalp and to deride Him. And when they were done, when they had satisfied all the urgings of depraved nature at the expense of a “helpless” victim, they led Him away to crucify.

Little did they realize the Majesty that resided in their midst. They were ignorant of the omnipotence that was in perfect control of itself despite the provocation. They could have no conception of the holiness that endured the sinful words, deeds, and blasphemy that they heaped upon Him.

These were not auxiliary police who had day jobs that brought them in contact with human need and grief. There was nothing to soften the hardness of their soldier life. They did not know pity or leniency. They were Roman soldiers. Every blasphemous word of the day would be their normal vocabulary. Every form of degradation and shame was in their repertoire. Every taunt that could be heaped on a defeated enemy was their joy. Yet He endured it all.

Questions to Consider:

  1. In Matthew 2, Herod responded to his sense of being mocked by giving orders for the deaths of many babies and children. When the King of kings was mocked, how did He react?
  2. The robe, the crown, and the reed: How will God answer all these in a coming day?
  3. What does this scene reveal about our hearts? About His heart?