“Jesus cried … My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?” Matthew 27:46 KJV

“Jesus cried out…My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?” Matthew 27:46 NASB

Why this cry from Calvary? The Lord Jesus was not ignorant of the reason. Certainly – and I am almost loath to write it – He was not complaining about being forsaken. Perhaps the best way to approach a possible answer is to ask another question. Would any one of us have ever thought that sin was so terrible a problem, that God would actually forsake His Son at Calvary? We would have never traveled that far in our thinking were it not for His cry. As such, “My God, My God, why …” becomes a window for us to behold sin’s ultimate issue: the Son of God, the sin-bearer, forsaken by a holy God, because of our sins!

His cry reveals:

  • final issue of sin
  • full devotion of His heart
  • finished work of salvation
  • future prospect for Christ rejecters

Questions to Consider

  1. “My God, My God … “ What does this tell you of His devotion and dependence on His God and Father?
  1. Will sinners who perish in hell and the Lake of Fire experience the same suffering Christ did on the cross, or was His actually greater? Consider that they have never known the presence of God and thus, cannot measure the distance between knowing His presence and His absence.
  1. While we are never told a description of exactly how the Lord Jesus suffered under the hand of divine judgment – we are only given metaphors such as a storm, sword, crushing – do you think that the separation from the One with Whom He had eternal fellowship was perhaps a major part of it? Have you ever felt pain at the loss of a loved one? A separation for a period of time from your closest and dearest friend?