The third day there was a marriage in Cana of Galilee … Thou hast kept the good wine until now John 2:1, 10 KJV

On the third day there was a wedding in Cana of Galilee … You have kept the good wine until now. John 2:1,10 NASB

Parallels are often drawn between John 1 and Genesis 1. Not only do both books begin with the expression, “In the beginning,” but both Genesis 1 and John 1 detail a week of activity. In John 1, the week of activity stretches from verse 19, and by following the expressions, “the next day” and the “day following,” we arrive at the seventh day of that week in John 2:1 – the three days after.

The flow of events, as it is followed, leads to a marriage feast on the final day. But for men to be there, several things are necessary. On Day 2, the Lamb of God appears, and the problem of sin is answered. If we were going to be able to a part of the glorious scene, our sin problem must be addressed. It is on this day, as well, that we are told that the Lord Jesus is also the One Who baptizes in the Spirit and confers the Spirit of God upon men. So, not only forgiveness, but fitness for the marriage feast is now conferred. In the days leading up the great celebration, there are men who have the joy of fellowship with Him (vv 35-39) and learn of Him.

Others need to be gathered-in before this marriage feast can occur; so, we see Andrew seeking Peter, the Lord finding Philip, and finally, Philip bringing Nathaniel to the Lord Jesus. In Nathaniel, is prefigured a future day when an unbelieving nation has its eyes open and owns Him as “the Son of God … the king of Israel” (v 49).

Everything is now ready for the Supper: the bride has been gathered in, the nation has been restored and owned the One they crucified as the Son of God and their rightful King. John 2 brings us to the Marriage Supper.

Two events are underlined in John 2 which will mark not only this supper, but the future Marriage Supper of the Lamb: a) the best wine was kept until now; and, b) He manifested forth His glory. As to the former, when will the “now” be? At each moment in eternity, we will be forced to say that the best has been kept until “now.” Each moment of eternity (I know it is timeless) will be better than the one before. Each revelation of His person, each fresh display of the “exceeding riches of His grace and kindness toward us” will evoke fresh peals of worship, wonder, and praise.

But the supper also was remarkable for the manifesting of His glory. The Lord Jesus prayed that we might be with Him to behold His glory (John 17:24). Eternity will be a continual unfolding of His glory to His own. What we began to learn during that Day 3 of fellowship in the ‘unnamed place’, will expand from the small rivulets we have enjoyed to the vast ocean of His glory, as glory upon glory bursts upon our gaze.

The foundation of all is seen in the Lamb of God, the sin-bearer for the world. The future of all is a marriage supper where we shall enjoy at any moment in time, the best wine and the beauty of His person.


  1. Look for links between the first seven days in Genesis 1 and the seven days in John 3. For example, what occurred on Day 3?
  2. Look at the different names and titles of Christ which are used on the different days.