To whom then will ye liken Me, or shall I be equal? Saith the Holy One. Isaiah 40:25 KJV

To whom then will you liken Me that I would be his equal?” says the Holy One. Isaiah 40:25 NASB

Anyone reading Isaiah 40 cannot help but come to the conclusion that God is unique and supreme. He stands alone in wisdom and power, might and majesty. The idols of men’s hands are worthless relics of human imagination and spiritual blindness. Creation alone affords Him His place of solitary glory and majesty. God Himself challenges the entire universe, “To whom then will ye liken Me?” In other words, who can you possibly compare to Me? He is peerless and cannot be numbered among any other group of men, angels, or gods.

This attribute of His uniqueness serves to throw into stark contrast the place that men afforded the Son of God while here on earth. Their comparisons ranged from misunderstanding to utter blasphemy.

To some, He was “the carpenter” of Nazareth (Mark 6:3), an untaught peasant, speaking with the authority which transcended that of the rabbis. He was a carpenter, but far more than a carpenter.

To others He was “beside Himself,” literally, out of His mind, a madman (Mark 3:21). The fountain head of all wisdom, the repository of all truth – men accused Him of being out of His mind.

To still others, He was possessed by the power of “the prince of demons” (Mark 3:22). The incarnation of absolute holiness, the impeccable Christ, filled with the Spirit of God – was compared by men to a man possessed and empowered by Satan. What an affront to the person of Christ; what a grief it must have been to His holy sensitive heart to be so labeled by men.

The embodiment of truth, the One Who could say, without fear of contradiction, or accusation of exaggeration, “I am the … truth” (John 14:6), was formally arraigned before Pilate as a perverter of the people (Luke 23:2). In John, the approach of the accusers changed in light of the political intrigue of the time. Their charge was that He was an impostor, claiming to be their King. The Truth labeled as a liar and impostor, compared to the most deceitful of men, the very labels must have been crying to heaven for vindication.

Finally, He is numbered among transgressors. The One Who numbers the stars in His greatness, was taken by puny men and placed among the transgressors of earth, bartered for a murderer, and impaled between two thieves.

To whom can we compare God? In our spiritual blindness, we likened Him to a mere peasant, a madman, a liar and impostor, a perverter of others, and a thief and murderer. And yet despite what men said and did, He remains the Incomparable Christ!


  1. There are other wrong labels placed on Christ in His life found in both the Old Testament prophecies and in the Gospels. Find some of them and compare them to Isaiah 40.
  2. There are other features unique to God declared in Isaiah (for example Isa 46:10). Collate them and see how the Lord Jesus displayed them in His own teaching.