His Name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, and the Prince of Peace. Isaiah 9:6 KJV

His name will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace. Isaiah 9:6 NASB

He Will Need no Advisors – No Cabinet

Isaiah 9 presents to us the child born and the Son given. His Names are revealed to give us insight into His person. A name is linked with the glory of deity (Ex 33:18; 34:5). In the names accorded our Lord Jesus Christ we learn something of His greatness.

He is the wonderful counselor. When He comes to reign, His wisdom will be sufficient to rule the universe for God. In His wisdom, He will solve all the problems plaguing humanity. The great problem of sin, and all its effects, found a basis for remedy in His work at Calvary. But in His wisdom, He will deal with all the climate, cultural, and crop issues now facing humanity. He will have the answer to the poverty of humanity, as He will care for the poor and needy (Ps 72:12) which other governments have only done lip service to and used for political purposes.

All this will be done without recourse to cabinets or counselors. Even Solomon in his wisdom needed a cabinet of counselors (1 Kings 4:1-6). But a greater than Solomon has come!

He Will Need no Army – No Combat Troops

It may be that, at times, men arise on the stage of human history possessed of wisdom and foresight with viable solutions to the many ills of society. But for many varied reasons, they are not able to implement these. It may be that political concerns hinder; or economic concerns limit resources. Good ideas are left to sit idle, while the world’s problems multiply.

But when the Lord Jesus Christ comes to reign, as the Mighty God, He will be able to implement His agenda without recourse to an increase in national debt or to militaristic intervention by an army. He will have the power to bring to pass His entire agenda for the universe.

He Will Make no Apologies – No Compromises

As the Father of eternity or the Everlasting Father, He will bring about all His reforms and remedies with the kindness and compassion of a Father. There is no confusing here of the persons of the Godhead. It will be in a fatherly manner that He will rule. His rod is that of a shepherd and not a tyrant.

As the Prince of Peace, He will usher in a time of untold blessing. There will not be any compromises in His administration. He will not have to ask one strata of society to suffer for the good of another or one country to suffer so that another might be helped. All will be blessed and enjoy a reign of peace.

It is estimated that if a politician is able to fulfill 50% of his promises, he is a remarkable man. This Ruler will fulfill every word. Nothing will be left undone by this Sovereign Savior when He comes to reign.

All of this wisdom, power, fatherly care and compassion, and peace are available to us now – both individually and as assemblies. We can taste the blessing that will soon “fill a world with bliss.”


  • It is often noted that the government is to be upon His shoulder. But the Shepherd of Luke 15 carries the lost sheep upon both shoulders. What does that suggest to you of eternal security?
  • Using Wilson’s Word Studies or your Bible program, look up the word “wonderful” and also try to find the places where it is translated “secret.”