Have you ever felt like you are hiding Christ from people who could benefit from seeing Him? What a house in Tyre and Sidon could not do, sometimes I can.

And from there he arose and went away to the region of Tyre and Sidon. And he entered a house and did not want anyone to know, yet he could not be hidden. Mark 7:24

Have you noticed the times in the Gospel of Mark where the Perfect Servant retreated from the crowds for a rest or privacy – only to be interrupted by other people in need of Him?

In Mark Chapter 7, He travelled northward quite a distance to be alone with His disciples. He went into a home and it was supposed to be a secret. What a singular blessing it must have been for the family who lived in that one home to have such a Visitor! But the reality of the day was – when you have a man like Christ in your home, He’s one guest you just can’t hide!  The neighbours found out about it and soon a desperate woman, concerned about her daughter, arrived at the door.

Do the neighbours next door to me know there’s something different about our home? If they peeked through our window-blinds would my home be any different than theirs? If they bugged our home for eavesdropping purposes, would the conversation inside be any different from what they’d hear in other neighbourhood homes?

That one house in the Tyre and Sidon region was marked by His Presence. The signs were just too obvious – He must be inside!  He could not be hidden. The homeowners must have realized just how special their Visitor was – or else, the word would not have spread throughout the town and the Gentile woman would not have heard.

What about my heart? Do I have Christ so camouflaged in my life that the outward signs are missing? Is no one catching-on that Christ is inside? When has someone last exclaimed to me: “Hey, you must be a Christian!”  Or, is He so hidden that no one suspects a thing?

Rahab buried the two men in her home beneath the stocks of flax (Joshua 2). The police didn’t find them. They took their search elsewhere.  Do I have Christ buried beneath the stocks of flax and people are seeking elsewhere for reality and for Christ?  Why do I want to obscure the fact that Christ dwells within me?   Is there less reproach and stigma when the clues and signs that He resides inside me are not obvious?

What in my life may be hiding Christ from a world that needs Him? Just like the homeowners above, if I was enjoying the reality of the indwelling Christ in my life – my life would radiate with Christ. There would be a radiance and brightness about my life that others would definitely know I was uniquely different on the inside. It would be outwardly obvious.

If Christ is allowed access to and control over every part of my life, it will be an impossibility for Him to be hidden from a searching world. It will be more than obvious that He is residing within.

Walk carefully and closely with the Lord today.

Warmly in Christ
Peter Ramsay

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