Is the world spinning faster on its axis or is it just life in 2019? Have you ever wondered how much busier life could possibly be before something snaps? Quiet times with the Lord and prayerfully allowing the Word of God to nourish our hearts – is mostly a lofty dream of spiritual idealism – something that only a spiritual recluse can achieve. Realistically, if one is going to amount to anything in this world – grabbing a snack of spiritual food at God’s drive-thru is about as much as anyone can expect in 2019. Really?

Often, when we pull-up to the Lord’s window on-the-fly, He graciously gives us a relevant verse to chew on for the day. But spiritually, grabbing a verse or speed-reading a chapter and offering up a condensed or collapsed prayer may help us to hobble through a very busy week in our lives – but, if it becomes habitual, we will be marked by spiritual malnutrition resulting in FTT.

Too often, those of us who faithfully follow Bible Reading schedules, pride ourselves in keeping pace with the schedule by speed-reading – especially through books like Leviticus and others. Some may even skip such a book and dismiss it as not immediately relevant to their current situation. We rush to find a chapter or a set of verses that speak to our immediate needs. We need a little shot – a boost – a quick fix.

Does it shock you that some Christians, who have never attended a seminary, strike gold in Leviticus? Some get to the end of first chapter and they’re thrilled. They go over each verse and prayerfully consider each word. They bow their heads and worship Christ.

Try it:

Leviticus 1:1-9

(1)  The LORD called Moses and spoke to him from the tent of meeting, saying, (2)  “Speak to the people of Israel and say to them, When any one of you brings an offering to the LORD, you shall bring your offering of livestock from the herd or from the flock. (3)  “If his offering is a burnt offering from the herd, he shall offer a male without blemish. He shall bring it to the entrance of the tent of meeting, that he may be accepted before the LORD. (4)  He shall lay his hand on the head of the burnt offering, and it shall be accepted for him to make atonement for him. (5)  Then he shall kill the bull before the LORD, and Aaron’s sons the priests shall bring the blood and throw the blood against the sides of the altar that is at the entrance of the tent of meeting. (6)  Then he shall flay the burnt offering and cut it into pieces, (7)  and the sons of Aaron the priest shall put fire on the altar and arrange wood on the fire. (8)  And Aaron’s sons the priests shall arrange the pieces, the head, and the fat, on the wood that is on the fire on the altar; (9)  but its entrails and its legs he shall wash with water. And the priest shall burn all of it on the altar, as a burnt offering, a food offering with a pleasing aroma to the LORD.

What do you think? Did it give you the boost you needed today, or does it seem irrelevant to your life as a believer in 2019?

You see, what we desperately need is rarely available at the drive-thru. Without being rushed, I need to be alone with the Lord and His Word. Hushed – rather than rushed. My heart needs to be bowed in prayerfulness – longing to be nourished in His Presence. With my Bible open and my study tools close-by, I need to reflectively and prayerfully dig deeper. With a little study and meditation, I will see Christ Himself as the ultimate burnt offering.

Think about Christ being without blemish and spot-free – perfect inside and out.  The body parts of the animal could give you some precious thoughts of Christ. The head – the thought life of Christ. Never a devious or dirty or damaging thought in His holy mind. The legs – the perfect walk of Christ. He never stumbled into sin. He always walked in God’s path. Think of the entrails or the internal organs. Christ had no dark selfish inner motives. The purposes and desires of His heart were 100% pleasing to His Father. As for the fat – well, it may speak of His energy for God or everything else in His life as being totally for the delight of His Father.

The fact that ‘all’ of the animal was to be placed on the altar (unlike other sacrifices in Leviticus) reminds us that every single aspect of the life of Jesus was ultimately for the pleasure of God. You and I are supposed to be too, but we fail miserably. That’s why it is so awesome to focus on Christ.

The above is only a superficial sampling of the riches to be found in just one of the offerings in Leviticus. They all point to the beauties of our Saviour; but then, as you study them, you can apply them to your own life as a believer. The point is – all of this is rich in meaning. But you will miss it completely at the drive-thru or if you skip or speed-read Leviticus.

Don’t overlook free study resources available online such as Precious Seed or Truth & Tidings and others. Bookmark these sites and use their Search tool to access a rich repository of Bible teaching on multiple Bible themes and subjects.

Drive-thru spiritual tidbits may get you through the day, but spiritual growth requires deliberate effort and intentional mining for gold.

Walk carefully and closely with the Lord today.

Warmly in Christ
Peter Ramsay

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