“What time do you want me there? Really? I can’t believe it’s my turn to volunteer again. It just seems like I was there and did that last week. Volunteering three times a month is a bit much to expect of anyone. I’m finding it to be a real intrusion into my life. Sorry for the rant. I will take my turn this evening at 6 PM. Thanks for the call.”

So, you take your turn. You show up at 6 PM. You go through the motions. You’re wishing you were anywhere else but there. Sporting the fake smile, your body language says it all. You are a reluctant volunteer doing the bare minimum and doing it grudgingly.

Have you ever noticed the happy volunteers in the Word of God? There are those who count it an immense privilege to volunteer for the Lord and to please Him in whatever way they can. There’s an example of such volunteers in a prophetic Psalm.

The verse below points forward to the day when Messiah, Jesus Christ will return to earth to establish His 1000-year reign, often referred to as the Millennium – a word not found in the Bible but certainly a period of time mentioned frequently.

“Your people shall be volunteers in the day of Your power; In the beauties of holiness.” Psalm 110:3 NKJV

Someone has paraphrased the rest of the verse this way:

“as dew is born of its mother the morning, so Your army shall come to You numerous, fresh, bright and powerful.”

When Christ returns in splendour and power and majesty and the Armageddon-enemies of God are crushed and all opposition is subdued, the Lord’s volunteers will shine in their good and holy character – just as the dew sparkles in the morning after the long night. There will be an ‘army’ of people who will gladly submit to Messiah and happily serve as holy volunteers in that day when He rules in power.

That’s then; but what about now?

If someone was writing about you or me, what would be said? Would they say your life of volunteer service for Christ sparkles as the dew of the morning? Would they say my submission to Christ and unreserved willingness to do whatever He asks is absolutely beautiful to see, in contrast to the selfishness exhibited elsewhere throughout the planet?

Is your volunteer service for Christ in the local church sparkling with beauty, like dew drops on a blade of grass – so refreshing!? Or, are you dragging your feet just now? Are you finding spiritual responsibilities a bit of an intrusion into your life? Are you wearing a fake smile as you carry out your spiritual duties? Does your body language tell it all? Are you taking your turn at 6 PM as one of Christ’s volunteers but the happiness and holiness are gone? You are doing it out of duty now and no longer out of love?

What is happening in your life? Face the issue and draw near to the Lord. Don’t waste your life carrying out your spiritual duties with reluctance and a chip on your shoulder. The condition of my heart is my own personal responsibility. No one can rob me of my joy unless I allow it – even if I can identify external factors that have influenced my thinking.

Return to the days of being a happy volunteer – gladly submitting and cheerfully doing whatever the Lord has for you to do.

Walk carefully and closely with the Lord today.

Warmly in Christ
Peter Ramsay

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