Have you ever been to a point in your life – when you realized you were up the creek without a paddle? In other words – you were in big trouble and there was no way out. No one to fall back upon. No one to call for help. No magic wand to wave to make your circumstances go away. No functioning brakes to stop you. No gearshift to slam into reverse, or steering wheel to swerve you away from the horrible situation you are in.

That’s basically where the world is at today.  The rich are trying to pay $150,000 for jet-tickets to safety – beyond the reach and ravages of COVID-19. The refuge of entertaining sports has been shattered. Stores where you can shop-until-you-drop and bars where you can drink your troubles away are being shuttered. Options for distractions have been reduced. Science obviously isn’t ahead of the game on this virus, as the most brilliant minds feverishly work to find a magic wand to wave. No storm-stopping panacea to inject into the financial markets has been found – nor silver-bullet to end the personal losses experienced while the pandemic wreaks its havoc and sorrow.

Rarely, in our lifetime have we seen this level of fear enveloping the entire globe. Pray for leaders, scientists, critical front-line responders, behind-the-scene workers, supply-chain contributors and managers, the unemployed, the elderly, the vulnerable, those without power or privilege in society, the sick and their families and the list goes on. Pray for those with no spiritual hope. Pray for abundant Gospel blessing and the multiplication of new worshippers of our Great God.

But someone reading this Bible Bite is also in a personal crisis – a storm. COVID-19 is a reality, a threat, and a worry. But right now – you are overwhelmed for other reasons. You have nowhere to turn. Immense weakness and intense fear have you paralyzed. You are grappling with profound personal circumstances that seem beyond the reach of any possible amelioration.

It was one of those times in King David’s life. Schemes and plans and strategies were pathetically useless. He was up against the wall and he had nowhere to turn. His words fell silent. His calculating and analytical mind had nothing left to figure out. The mental wrestling was over, and he was down on the mat for the count.

My soul, wait in silence for God only, For my hope is from Him. He only is my rock and my salvation, My stronghold; I shall not be shaken.  Psalms 62:5-6

Silent. There was nothing the King’s chief men could do for him and nothing even his ‘thirty mighty men’ could do. Every human solution vanished, and no hope horizontally existed. All he could do was remain silent, with his eyes vertically fixed on his God. God only. God alone.

God only and only God and God alone are phrases repeated in the Psalm. Is that where you are today in your life? As David silently contemplated the greatness of His God – he used beautiful words like these: my Rock, my Salvation, my Stronghold and my Refuge. Contemplation and communication with his God brought calm to his soul and balm to his heart.

Is your back against life’s wall today?

Often, the last thing we are willing to do is to stop our reasoning and scheming and trust God. But trust God alone for what? He never said He would be our problem-preventer or our trial-trouncer or storm-stopper or our thorn-thrasher. In fact, He told us we would have trials and tears down here – even thorns. Paul lived with his ‘thorn’ until the day he went home to Heaven. So, in what sense does one trust God and for what purpose?

Our Omnipotent God is in control throughout this storm. Our Omniscient God knows all things. Our Omnipresent God is ever-present and not far from any. His understanding is infinite. (Psalm 147:5) He owns and operates a very big universe. As precious as we are to Him – we are not the sum-total of His universe and purposes; we are but one part. We can trust Him that every part is being beautifully fine-tuned for optimum performance in His universal purposes.

David said: “Pour [dump] out your heart before Him.” (vs.8) Our Shepherd God knows best and does the best. God is good and God is love. One look at the Cross proves that! Trusting God must mean to leave it all with Him. Ultimately and eventually, the Child of God knows it all will be good, and all will be well. Unbelievers have no such confidence.

Walk carefully and closely with the Lord today.

Warmly in Christ
Peter Ramsay

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