“I am a worm and no man … they … laugh at Me … He trusted in God … Thou art He that took me out of the womb … Be not far from Me … there is none to help.” Psalm 22:6-11 KJV

“I am a worm and not a man … All who see me sneer at me … Commit yourself to the LORD; Yet You are He who brought me forth from the womb … Be not far from me … there is none to help.” Psalm 22:6-11 NASB

Their Treatment of Him

As human beings, we crave recognition and significance. To be ill-treated is one of life’s greatest challenges. To be ill-treated by those we love and have served only intensifies the trial. The nation, whom He came to serve and save, treated Him as a worm – totally insignificant, and as something less than human, literally, a “nobody.”

No respect or honor was accorded Him, not even the recognition of being a fellow human being. The Lord of heaven and earth likens their regard for Him as equivalent to how men regard a worm. Few would think with any remorse if they trod on a worm. Its worth would be viewed as nothing. This is how men treated our Lord Jesus.

Their Taunts

Added to their lack of human dignity was their venomous taunts hurled in His face when upon the cross. They laughed at His sufferings. He was the center of the day’s entertainment for the Jerusalem crowd that day. Those who passed by, perhaps imitating the suffering of those on the cross, were shaking their heads. The shooting out of the lip may have been in arrogant mockery of His assertions, as though they were figuratively saying, “What now of your claim to be the Son of God?”

Not content to have Him impaled upon the cross, they sought to add to His sufferings by their mockery. Paul knew a small measure of this when his critics and competitors sought to add “gall to his bonds” by preaching the gospel while he was imprisoned (Phil 1:16).

His Trust

“He trusted on the Lord” was perhaps their most vicious jibe. Like many statements said in mockery, there was tremendous truth encased in their taunt. He did trust in the Lord. No one ever so fully trusted in His God as did this perfect Man. His entire life, from the womb to the cross was marked by dependence and trust. Yet, now, when He was upon the cross, men intended this to be the most hurtful thing they could hurl at Him. Why was God not delivering Him if He had trusted in Him in reality? They are saying that His entire life was a sham!

His Trial

Amidst all of this, the words spoken prophetically by the Psalmist which must have been on the heart and the lips of the Savior while on Calvary, are touching. “Be not Thou far from Me.” All that mattered to Him was the nearness of God when the trouble was present. But that nearness was not His at Calvary. God was “so far” in His righteousness; the enjoyment of the strengthening through that fellowship was interrupted at Calvary. As the foes closed in and pressed upon Him, He was left alone, bearing our sins, enduring their awful consequences.


In light of verses 9 and 10, why do these words not apply to David?

Can you think of other accusations which men made against the Lord Jesus which were, in fact, words of truth?

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