It wasn’t cheap by any stretch of the imagination. You were excited when you finally made the purchase and drove it home. You woke up the next morning and before you even ate a bite, you looked out the window and smiled to yourself: there it was, sitting in your driveway.

Four days later, it sputters and stalls. The technician isn’t quite sure what the problem is. Adjustments are made but you still notice dead spots when you accelerate. Disappointment dampens your delight.  Frustration over the quirky problems deepen. The smile is gone from your face.

Does God have a heart that has the capacity to be pleased or disappointed? Can my heavenly Father be delighted one day and grieved the next over my performance? Have you ever tried to keep a list (as you read your Bible) of all the things that please and honour your heavenly Father?

By this my Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit and so prove to be my disciples. John 15:8

Your heavenly Father is glorified and honoured when you are producing fruit – not just a crawling or sprawling vine branch covered with leaves and taking up space but extremely skimpy on fruit. The more fruit the better! What kind of fruit is He looking for in my life and in yours?

Goodwill, benevolence, a happy heart, peace, and calmness, tolerant and patient when the circumstances are annoying and aggravating, gracious and kind usefulness, honesty, truthfulness and reliability, integrity, humility, and gentleness, self-control with the strength to curb our sinful impulses and desires.

If you could actually be this kind of person, would you want to be like this? Do you think your family and your friends and your employer and brothers and sisters in Christ would enjoy your company more? If they saw increasing amounts of these qualities and tendencies in your life – would they be impressed?  Sure they would!

Bears fruit … bears more fruit … bears much fruit. John 15:2,5

This is the kind of fruit you will bear in increasing quantities as you walk each day closely with the Lord, enjoying communion with Him. As you submit your will to His and surrender your life to Him each day, the Spirit of God within you will produce these character or moral qualities noted above, and as described in Galatians 5:22-23.

And as this happens, your Heavenly Father is glorified and honoured as He sees you bearing much fruit as a serious disciple of Christ. It’s called: ‘performance that pleases.’

Walk carefully and closely with the Lord today,

Warmly in Christ
Peter Ramsay

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