If you know Christ as your Saviour, you probably have the keen desire and feel the burden of finding ways to point others to Christ. This post offers one way to do just that.

Heaven4sure is a 20-year-old website dedicated to promoting Christ as Saviour and Lord – not a denomination or a church. There is no solicitation for funds or donations of any kind. The website has provided gospel content for two decades and people around the world visit the site every day in search of peace, forgiveness and salvation through personal faith in Jesus Christ.

Have you thought about quietly and unobtrusively witnessing for Christ by displaying a simple, modest, and tasteful bumper or trunk magnet on your vehicle to point people to a Gospel-based website? It is a magnet that can be removed easily – not a decal.

Perhaps you already have one on your vehicle but it is aging. Now is the time to replace it with a fresh new one.  We will send one to you completely free and cover the mailing cost as well.

Choose one of the two magnet styles below. #1 tends to be more legible to the driver behind your vehicle.

It is a great way to quietly share the Gospel. We’ve had visitors to the Gospel-focused website only because they first saw a bumper magnet. Even if people don’t visit the website – they have had a thought about heaven as an eternal destination they weren’t planning to have that day. The magnet is also a great conversation starter.

If you will use it on your vehicle, CLICK HERE to receive your free magnet.

Be sure to indicate your style preference “Magnet #1” or “Magnet #2

Also, provide your first and last name and your complete shipping/mailing address or we will not be able to get the free package to you.

We will send you the free magnet as soon as possible.

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