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Bible Bites

Nehushtan – It Has to Go Too!

By On November 19, 2019

Did you ever have something you didn’t want to let go because of the memories attached to it? Obviously, there is nothing wrong with a keepsake. But occasionally there could be something not-so-good in my life, to which I secretly cling because of a memory; and, also because there’s a slight chance I might go down that road again. It…

Bible Bites

Evangelism Ideas for Christmas

By On November 12, 2019

What you are about to read was first sent out as a Bible Bite back in 2006. But each year it is being updated with new ideas. December is approaching quickly and you may need to order supplies and make some plans and preparations over the next couple of weeks. A real evangelistic opportunity awaits us all again. This is…

Bible Bites

Critical Choices under Intense Pressure

By On November 5, 2019

Perhaps you are in the thick of a famine right now. The leaves are withering before your eyes. The grass is turning brown. The ground is hard and cracking. The water level is at an all-time low. The wind is blowing, and the dry dust is swirling. It’s bleak and dismal. The freshness of your spiritual life is gone. Your…

Life Lessons

A Man’s Quest for Peace, Purpose, and Passion

By On October 30, 2019

Personal  Story  of  Walker D. Jungers How My Salvation Culminated a Thirty-Year Pursuit and Brought Me Peace of God, Purpose in Christ, and Passion of the Spirit My name is Walker David Jungers, the youngest son of David and Barbara Jungers. As of this publication (2019), I am 31 years old. I found Christ in the summer of 2018 at 30…

Bible Bites

Failing Eyesight – Impaired Vision 

By On October 29, 2019

Do you still have 20/20 vision? Have you been to an optometrist lately? Perhaps you have been referred to an ophthalmologist for some specialized ‘eye’ attention. Those who once enjoyed clear vision, often talk about how frightening it was when their vision began to deteriorate – beyond the norm. How is your eyesight as you read this? Are you having…

Bible Bites

Busybodies and Butterflies or Meddlers and Meanderers

By On October 22, 2019

Some say they’re on overload with the business of others. It seems that few details of the lives of many are spared from public consumption.  Kissing a spouse, going shopping, having a blood test, seeing a raccoon or testing a new cure-all fragrance – and many other activities of daily living now seem like fodder for public consumption on social…

Bible Bites

Still Worshipping at 84

By On October 15, 2019

She was no spring chicken – to say the least. She had been sporting those beautiful wrinkles for more than a few years. She had weathered the storms of life. Did she walk slowly with a cane? Were her hips worn out? Did she look in the mirror and try to remember what she looked like as a young lady…

Bible Bites

Good News from the Christians

By On October 8, 2019

I’m very concerned. Satan has had his share of successes in bringing down believers. He’ll come at them from any angle. He’s a tempter with no shortage of tricks and temptations to trip-up believers. I’m worried about the Christians in Thessalonica. Their testimony in the community was second to none. Exemplary and a powerful witness for Christ! But they have…

Bible Bites

Genealogies – Walking with God

By On October 1, 2019

Have you ever read something like this: Michael was the son of Billy and Billy the son of Albert and Albert the son of Gerald and Gerald the son of Herbert and Herbert the son of Floyd, etc?  Or, Myrtle was the daughter of Sheila and Sheila the daughter of Blanche and Blanche the daughter of Eva and Eva the…

Bible Bites

Teaching the Word of God – Your Teaching Team

By On September 24, 2019

Jehoshaphat was the new king in Judah. “Okay, thanks for all your kind words and congratulatory messages but the coronation is now over. It’s time to get to work. During my reign, I want to see our Kingdom flourish for the Lord.” In fact, the king not only sought after the Lord; he was courageous for the Lord. His heart…