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Bible Bites

Firing on All Cylinders: Tune-Ups

By On January 14, 2020

This would be a much simpler Bible Bite to compose if one was a mechanic and understood what an engine cylinder was. People say: “Well, the thing just has no power.” And the response before the days of electric cars used to be: “What else can you expect – it’s only a 4 cylinder!!”  Some enlightened car enthusiasts might be…

Bible Bites

Just Mourners, Memories and a Coffin at the Cemetery

By On January 7, 2020

Have you been using your calculator app lately to crunch the numbers? Is your wealth increasing at the rate your Investment Manager promised? Are things quadrupling within the timeframes you had envisioned? Perhaps that’s not the question you needed to be asked today.  When the economy goes south or when my stocks don’t perform as well, am I consumed by the…

Bible Bites

What’s Your Bible Feeding Plan?

By On January 1, 2020

Our apologies. We had a technical glitch on January 01, 2020 and the automatic distribution of the post below failed. Hope it did not get your new year off to a bad start. 🙂 A new year has arrived. A new decade has started. There’s no guarantee that this year will be an easier year than last year. In fact,…

Bible Bites

Heaven on Earth (The Lord’s Prayer)

By On December 24, 2019

Merry Christmas! Here’s something for you to think about today. Millions still recite The Lord’s Prayer every week. Entire congregations say it in unison. Little children mouth the words along with crusty old men. Cool teenagers, corporate executives, and little dainty old ladies blend their voices together… “Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.” (Matthew 6:10)…

Bible Bites

Demas Desertion Tale – Falling in Love Twice

By On December 17, 2019

“G’morning brothers. I have something to tell you. I’m dropping out of the Gospel mission work. I am leaving the team. Paul, it is especially hard for me to break this news to you. I’ve packed my luggage and I am heading to Thessalonica. Thanks for all the happy fellowship we enjoyed but my heart’s not in it anymore.” The…

Life Lessons

Embrace Greatness this Christmas

By On December 16, 2019

A Baby is a Baby? Some say those infant pictures taken minutes after the baby is born – are mostly special to only the parents and the grandparents. Oh yes, everyone is thrilled to get a picture of the planet’s newest arrival,  but how many actually take it and get it enlarged and then framed – to occupy a prominent…

Life Lessons

Before His Birth in Bethlehem

By On December 11, 2019

Yes, Long Before! The Christmas story does not start in Bethlehem. Before ever there was the town of Bethlehem there was the One and Only Unique Son of God. The life of Christ did not commence in a crude farm stable. Christmas is all about the awesome wonder that the Eternal Son of God stepped into the span of time…

Bible Bites

Winning Your Next Battle

By On December 10, 2019

Maybe there wasn’t a Martins Licis in King Hezekiah’s day. Licis, also known as Dragon, is the Latvian-born American professional strongman who won the 2019 competition for the World’s Strongest Man. If you were nervous about the current state of things, you might be able to relax more if this 6’3″, 331lbs world champion had your back. But there are…

Bible Bites


By On December 3, 2019

Deborah, in Judges 4-5, was a powerful leader. She was one of the judges of Israel during a particularly dark period in their history. For twenty long years, Sisera and his 900 chariots of iron had mightily oppressed the children of Israel.  Deborah said enough was enough. “My name might mean sweet ‘honeybee’ but don’t kid yourself; I’m no pushover….