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Bible Bites

Slow Down and Sit Down

By On October 27, 2020

On-the-tear from morning to night describes life for most of us. If life wasn’t so real you would think it was just a blur. Did humans come up with the expression ‘life’s a rat-race’ or did some rodent in a white lab coat first coin it in a research cage? We can barely set our phones down in case our…

Life Lessons

Eden’s Super-Spreader Event

By On October 27, 2020

Until the current COVID19 pandemic, the term super-spreader was not a common word in most of our lexicons. The word stirs-up emotions of fear, and frustration – especially among those who appreciate the seriousness of the virus. Parties, celebrations, weddings, funerals, faith gatherings, games, rallies, and reunions all have the potential to be super-spreader events. Health heroes, who make themselves…

Bible Bites

Eternally Secure in Christ

By On October 20, 2020

I can lose a lot of things in life. A job. A wallet. A game. A friend. A loved one. Good health. The list is almost endless – but not quite. Powerful life-tsunamis can sweep away every possession I may have in life until the waves smash up against an immovable, impenetrable, permanent, insurmountable, unbudging, and secure possession called ‘eternal…

Changed Lives / Life Lessons

Edith Stewart – How I Became a Christian
70 Rich Years in Christ

By On October 19, 2020

Editor’s Note: I am privileged to be able to say this dear 90-year-old Christian, is also my Godly and faithful mother-in-law. P.Ramsay When people think of Prince Edward Island (Canada) many think of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s best-selling novels entitled Anne of Green Gables. But at age 90, as I reflect on PEI, my memories revolve around the first thirty years…

Bible Bites

I Love the Lord because …

By On October 13, 2020

Finish it. Go ahead.  Years ago, one might have said – all the trees of the forest could never supply enough paper to record my reasons for loving the Lord. Today we would probably say all the memory clouds couldn’t supply enough space to record all the becauses. Whether that is poetic-expression, the fact remains, we couldn’t begin to count…

Bible Bites

Extreme Christian Behaviour

By On October 6, 2020

Things couldn’t get much worse for the Christians in Macedonia. Believers were suffering horribly. And it was more than minor inconveniences, little disappointments, let-downs, and mild reproach for being a Christian. Family members were being locked up by the authorities; their homes were being raided and their possessions confiscated; life’s earnings were disappearing overnight and jobs were being lost. Family…

Life Lessons

Behind the Façade a Darker Reality Emerges

By On October 1, 2020

Things are not always what they seem. Nor are we. A sprawling 20,000-sq.-ft. mansion in Markham, Ontario, north of Toronto could qualify for the cover of the Luxury Home Magazine. It’s the type of palatial home that would cause passengers on a tour-bus to lurch to one side with their cameras. But apparently behind the façade of opulence things were…

Bible Bites

Patience is a Virtue

By On September 29, 2020

The Christian virtue called ‘patience’ is prominent throughout the New Testament.  It is a quality that should distinguish believers in an impatient and intolerant world. Horn blasting, steering wheel thumping, and incomprehensible mutterings as you tailgate. The exasperation of going through multiple phone steps to speak to a real person and then, when you get there, having to listen to company…