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Bible Bites

Building our Own Notice-Me-Towers

By On September 17, 2019

Perhaps you’ve never thought of it this way; but, is there the slightest chance you are trying to make a name for yourself – trying to be noticed? The expression is a common one: “Oh, she’s trying to make a statement.” It could be the clothes she wears or the car she drives. Maybe his hairstyle or the socks he…

Bible Bites

Having Doubts about God or Your Beliefs?

By On September 10, 2019

I wonder sometimes if I have just swallowed hook, line and sinker the set of beliefs with which I’ve been brought up. The more I’m exposed to larger circles and hear how others think, the more I wonder if what I believe could really be right and the exclusive truth. I’m almost embarrassed over how simply I see the world….

Life Lessons

“He’s Worth Saving!”

By On September 8, 2019

Not everyone feels the same way, but Patrick’s mother really believes her son is worth saving. Margaret Terry’s 29-year-old son has only months – maybe weeks left to live. His liver is not responding to the medical treatment for alcoholic hepatitis. He has reached end-stage liver disease. Time is running out. Only a liver transplant can save his life; and,…

Bible Bites

Pain for Gain

By On September 3, 2019

Have you ever grumbled to the Lord about things that are happening in your life? Someone else gets the promotion you expected to get. You sprain your ankle, ending your soccer season. The transmission goes in your car. Your favourite piece of technology was stolen. Your house deal falls through. A courtship is called off. Don’t just shrug your shoulders…

Bible Bites

Dialoguing the Gospel

By On August 27, 2019

Do you find it easier to have a one-way conversation than a dialogue? Some overt introverts freeze during a free-flowing discussion or an exchange of ideas. They can stand up in a classroom and deliver a prepared presentation – a one-way monologue. But they become very uncomfortable when the monologue turns into a dialogue. The Apostle Paul was equipped to…

Bible Bites

Love and Truth – Christian Fellowship

By On August 20, 2019

I just don’t see why you are such a stickler for details. Christianity is about love and if you keep insisting on those things, we’ll lose everyone. The writing is on the wall. People today just are not going to put up with all those technicalities. Before you know it, everyone will be walking out of here. Like, does it…

Bible Bites

Sugar-coating Our Defeats

By On August 13, 2019

“Mike, it’s Brad calling about our accountability session coming up on Thursday. Let me know if you are still available. And just to remind you – you agreed to keep a journal for the two weeks listing all your victories and your defeats. Be sure to print-off a copy for me for our discussion.” Sometimes in our Christian experience, we…

Bible Bites

Losing Jesus and the Enjoyment of His Presence

By On August 6, 2019

It must have been the longest and, by far, the worst three days of their lives. Thousands of people had left their towns and had converged on Jerusalem for the Passover Festival which was followed by the Festival of Unleavened Bread. For many of the country folk, it was a seven-day stay in the big bustling metropolis of Jerusalem. Joseph…

Life Lessons

Micah Hackett – Not Afraid to Die at 19

By On August 6, 2019

December 20, 1999 – July 17, 2019 Micah Hackett, son of Brent and Angie Hackett, was able to smile as he absorbed the report of a rare form of cancer attacking his spinal cord and cerebral meninges. He was not afraid of facing death. Medical experts in Ontario, Colorado, and Texas had no documented cases to compare Micah’s condition with….

Bible Bites

An Appetite to Please the Lord

By On July 30, 2019

It was a very important day. The old king had called a special meeting of all his royal officials, palace staff and diplomats. All the country’s VIPs were there. Speculation was probably rampant about whether the king himself would be well enough to address the delegates or if it would have to be a message delivered by an official on…