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Bible Bites

Court of Public Opinion

By On July 16, 2019

In a defiant moment, have you ever mocked the Court of Public Opinion, muttering to your friends or yourself: “I don’t really care what people think. If there’s nothing wrong with it, I’ll do it.”  Perhaps you’ve never diagnosed yourself as rebellious or suffering from the ‘selfishness syndrome’ but, if you heard someone outside of your circle of friends saying…

Bible Bites

Bitter Jealousy and Selfish Ambition

By On July 9, 2019

“Just drop it, Elhanan. Some people get the breaks and you’re not one of them. Some people get all the fame, while others fight and win battles in obscurity. Get on with your life and stop living in the past. Jealousy will consume you. Give it up!” “… if you have bitter jealousy and selfish ambition in your hearts, do…

Bible Bites

Spiritual Drive-Thru

By On July 2, 2019

Is the world spinning faster on its axis or is it just life in 2019? Have you ever wondered how much busier life could possibly be before something snaps? Quiet times with the Lord and prayerfully allowing the Word of God to nourish our hearts – is mostly a lofty dream of spiritual idealism – something that only a spiritual…

Bible Bites

In MY Distress

By On June 25, 2019

Rarely do you get advance notice that trouble is about to strike. One day a person has plans and hopes but the next day everything is shattered. Today is so different from yesterday; a huge frightening freefall into an abyss of darkness. Their world has been abruptly turned upside down. Swirling around them are thick, dark clouds of despair. A…

Bible Bites

Suffering Shame for His Name

By On June 18, 2019

There’s something wrong with this picture. They had just been thrashed with whips. There’s no reason to think the beatings were gentle and restrained. Skilled men with powerful arms whistled the whip through the air and it came down hard upon the backs of the apostles.  With threatening voices, they charged them to never ever mention the Name of Jesus…

Bible Bites

Taking Studying to a Higher Level

By On June 11, 2019

What do geneticists, ornithologists, astronomers, physicists, zoologists, oceanographers, meteorologists, lepidopterists and microbiologists all have in common? What do microbes have in common with minerals? Or flitting butterflies with distant stars? Or tiny hummingbirds with tiny atoms? Or deep ocean floors with marsupial koalas? What’s the connection? God, the works of God and the study thereof. What do Calvary and the…

Bible Bites

Altars that Alter

By On June 4, 2019

If someone asked you to take them to a place where you did ‘business’ with God, where would you take them? Are there any special geographical locations where you had a heart-to-heart with the Lord – one of those deep dialogues that will be remembered for a long time?  People who walk with God have treasured-turf and sacred spots where…

Bible Bites

Satan’s Wow Show

By On May 28, 2019

Will our voices get hoarse singing at the non-stop eternal hymn sing around the Throne? Will we run out of hymns to sing? Who will be playing the harps? Will their thumbs get sore or will they take turns? According to 1 Corinthians 6 it seems like our eternity with Christ will be more – much more than one big hymn-sing. …

Life Lessons

Debt Relief Brightens the Future

By On May 22, 2019

Debt is a very heavy burden and carrying the load can cause depression. It can strain relationships. If financial analysts label the escalating student debt load a crisis – how must the students feel as they embark on their future carrying such a heavy weight! When someone says they are drowning in debt – you know it’s serious. How can…

Bible Bites

Peer Reviews

By On May 21, 2019

As a budding chemist, you have just come up with the greatest idea for freezing a soft drink without losing its fizz and snap. You write up your idea – explaining the chemistry behind it and why you are sure the carbonated fizz will not be adversely affected by the freezing and thawing process. You submit your article to the…