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Nowhere to Turn: COVID-19 and God

By On March 18, 2020

You have heard the expression: up the creek without a paddle. We employ that idiom when we are in big trouble and there appears to be no way out. No one to call for help. No magic wand to wave to make your circumstances go away. No functioning brakes to stop you. No gearshift to slam into reverse, or steering…

Bible Bites

God Alone in this Storm

By On March 17, 2020

Have you ever been to a point in your life – when you realized you were up the creek without a paddle? In other words – you were in big trouble and there was no way out. No one to fall back upon. No one to call for help. No magic wand to wave to make your circumstances go away….

Bible Bites

God’s Expectations for Me are Clear

By On March 10, 2020

Have you ever felt there’s a huge gap between your performance and the expectations others have for you? At home, that huge gap can cause some tension and domestic discussions. At work, when your performance doesn’t measure up to expectations, the furrowed brow of your employer emerges. Gently, at first, you may be told: “Shape up or ship out.” But…

Bible Bites

Fearing Fear

By On March 3, 2020

Fear, anxiety, and worry are powerful emotions that can lead to mistakes, poor judgment and a failure to act when I should have acted. Fear can cause me to retreat. Anxiety can rob me of joy. Worry can undermine my energy levels.  Fear can cloud my vision of the future. Anxiety can make me difficult to live with. Worry can turn…

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Kept in Perfect Peace

By On February 26, 2020

The winds could not blow stronger. The waves could not pound harder. The lightning flashes are fierce and unrelenting; the thunder is deafening, shaking us to the core. The bomb-like blast is devastating. Is this the end? Can anything survive the crushing pressure? Will life emerge from all of this and still go on? Is there a bottomless reservoir out…

Bible Bites

Correcting with Love

By On February 18, 2020

It must have been one of the most difficult letters for the Apostle Paul to write. He knew these people.  He had lived in Corinth for at least eighteen months – working, preaching, teaching and fellowshipping. The city was infested with corruption and had earned the notorious immoral distinction of being a wicked hub of vice and vulgarity. But God…

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Your Letter of Reference

By On February 12, 2020

“Yeah, it’s all put on. He can act like that around older Christians, but when he’s with us, he’s no different than the rest of the gang. In fact, he’s often the ring-leader. So – the guy you see is not quite the same as the one we know. I don’t want to put him down, so I’ll stop there.”…

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