Bible Bites

Bible Bites are intended for the Christian believer – one who loves the Lord Jesus Christ. We didn’t always love Him. Every true Christian has a ‘past’ – a time in our lives when we kept Christ on the outside. What was the turn-around point in our lives? It was the moment we personally placed our trust in Jesus Christ to save us from our sins and to rescue us from a dark eternity. The Christian life starts with a moment of conversion, a salvation experience.

From that point forward, a genuine believer has an inner desire to please, honor and obey Christ each day of our lives. A Christian is not perfect, but we love, worship and live for One who is – Christ!


We all rely on food for strength and growth. Physically, if we don’t eat every day we become weak. A Christian must have spiritual food every day or we become weak spiritually. A Christian reads their Bible to be strengthened. It is a daily MUST if we are going to grow in Christ.

Bible Bites are just that – bites, small bites, once a week. We are glad you are reading the bites in this section of our website, but remember, they are not full meals. Think of them as little spiritual snacks between the Table Meals with your own Bible. Make sure your daily spiritual diet consists of reading your Bible and praying each day.

If you have any questions or comments, we would love to hear from you.

Bible Bites

The Fractured Family – a Hurting Mother

By On March 13, 2019

The heart-broken mother stood weeping at the cross. Little did she think when she had the spectacular visit from Gabriel that life would take such a turn. Three decades earlier the future seemed bright. She had been singled out by the Lord to bring the long-awaited-for Christ into the world. How could she ever forget the night of His birth…

Bible Bites

God Imitators

By On February 26, 2019

So, you’re a seasoned actor. You have played the role of Matthew Cuthbert in Anne of Green Gables and Winston Churchill in the documentary Churchill at War. Your newest assignment is to play Billy Graham in the upcoming movie The Presidents’ Preacher. Every spare minute you have, you’re researching the life of the late Billy Graham. You watch every old…

Bible Bites

Snub No One in the Body

By On February 19, 2019

Look around your community. Is there only one ‘Christian’ church? Some Christians do the church-hopping thing. One church one Sunday and another the next. They never make a commitment to the Lord or to honouring the truths of Scripture. They never benefit from being identified with a local community of believers. Have you ever thought about what all believers have…

Bible Bites

Obedience – Struggling and Resentful?

By On February 12, 2019

Obedience? Sounds like a K9 club. I’m not some dog that needs to attend obedience classes. Give me a break. I’m tired of hearing about obedience! It sounds so heavy handed and oppressive! That’s old-school talk. Why should I obey or submit? I’m a free thinker and I do what suits me.        – A professing Christian The…

Bible Bites

Jethro Consulting Firm   

By On February 5, 2019

Moses’ father-in-law Jethro couldn’t believe the long queues of complainants when he visited the wilderness camp. It was such a huge camp to begin with – in excess of two million people. The only judge to resolve extremely serious or incredibly petty disputes was Moses himself. “Elizaphan, you’ve been standing in this line-up for hours. What’s your issue?” “We took…

Bible Bites

Blessed with More than Your Neighbours

By On January 29, 2019

As brilliant as you may be, there’s something you cannot get your head wrapped around; neither can I. Some things are simple; other things are complex, but then there’s a sphere where our minds can do nothing but wonder and worship. For a few minutes, just now, do a mental switch. Put your fretful worries and heavy cares to the…

Bible Bites

Intensify your Efforts with Kids!

By On January 22, 2019

The scowl. The raised eyebrows. The wrinkled forehead. The squirmed-up nose and the curled lip. The look of total impatience, severe annoyance and intense disdain. “Here they go again. When will parents ever learn! The Master is so busy and there are so many others who really do need to see Him. Parents should know better than to waste His…

Bible Bites

Could Your Plan be Displeasing to the Lord?

By On January 15, 2019

It is one of those chapters in the Bible that’s hard to read. You have been following the life story of the young shepherd boy who, with a sling and stone, silenced the threats of the towering giant. You have admired him in his respect for the king who repeatedly tried to kill him. You have been impressed with his…

Bible Bites

Help Wanted: Second Fiddlers

By On January 8, 2019

“I am hoping to make a positive impression on the conductor. If I join the orchestra, I’m hoping he gives me the principal trumpet position. I love doing solos. There’s the rush of adrenalin when all eyes are on you and the entire audience is suspended in breathlessness as you play. Then there is the roaring applause as you finish…