Welcome. The content in the Christian Living section of this website is intended for those who are already believers. Some people believe that if they sincerely work at living a Christian life, they will be a Christian. This is fundamentally wrong.  Living a Christian life does not make one a Christian.

The game of baseball is played within a diamond shaped field. When the batter steps up to the plate and hits the ball, he is to run to 1st  Base. If he by-passes 1st Base and runs to  2nd , and then makes a mad dash for 3rd, he’s out!!  No matter how fast he runs,  he missed 1st  Base. He can never make Home.

Baptism, prayers, taking the sacraments, tithing, assisting in worship activities, being an elder, a song leader or a Youth Bible Class teacher are only activities for those who have been to 1st Base with God.

Do you have a moment of conscious conversion, when you trusted Christ personally as your Saviour? That moment of salvation is 1st Base. Jesus referred to this as the new birth. In John 3, Jesus told a very religious man he would never be in the Kingdom of God unless he was born again. (John 3:3,7)

A natural birth brought us into the human family. A spiritual birth is required to bring us into God’s Family. The Christian Living section is for those who have been born into the family of God by their conscious personal acceptance of Christ as their Saviour.

If you have experienced the New Birth you are in the Family of God. We are brothers and sisters in the Lord. Our desire is to please Christ. He is not only our Saviour, He is our Lord. Growing in Christ and honoring Him in our lives is the focus of this section.

If you have any questions please email us.