An exhausting evening and night for firefighters, workers and neighbours in Cornwall, ON July 2018

Fire in downtown Cornwall, Ontario July 2018.

Watch out for Poison Ivy in your travels. This sign was posted down by the Ottawa River in Pincourt, Quebec.

Ottawa River connects to the St. Lawrence River – Pincourt, PQ

Beautiful Pincourt area in the Province of Quebec, just west of Montreal on #20

Cumulonimbus clouds approaching Thunder Cover, PEI. Awesome view.

An approaching storm – Thunder Cove, Prince Edward Island

Thunder Cove, PEI is a spectacular beach and then, if you walk a short distance, you get to see beauty like this.

Where there are no sand dunes on PEI – you often find red Island sand-stone cliffs. French River area.

Cape Tryon (French River, PEI) Some people visit PEI and attempt to visit every lighthouse on the Island.

Cape Tryon (French River, PEI) Lighthouse – a challenge for tourists to find but definitely worth it!

Cape Tryon Lighthouse, north shore (near French River) Prince Edward Island

North Rustico, PEI- Aquaculture workers sorting oyster sizes. Many of these small oysters will go back to the sea for harvesting in 2-3 years time.

National Park Life Guards at Brackley Beach receiving their orientation for the 2018 summer beach season at PEI’s 7 national park beaches

Mississippi River, Iowa

Delicious oysters from PEI – Malpeque Bay. These oysters are sold around the world.

Springtime beauty in Bear River, Nova Scotia

Bear River, Nova Scotia

Pete’s Barber Shop, Clementsvale, Nova Scotia

Bear River, Nova Scotia – stately old homes in Springtime. 

Oakdene Centre, Bear River, Nova Scotia. The old school is now used as a cultural and community center.

Digby Harbour, Nova Scotia. Visit Ed’s Take-out for delicious seafood.

Sissiboo Coffee and Roaster in Bear River, Nova Scotia.

1957 BelAir Chevrolet, Bear River, Nova Scotia

Picturesque Bear River, Nova Scotia

For Canada’s 150th birthday (2017) free passes were available to all Canada’s National Parks. Thank you Parks Canada.

Rustico PEI. A fishing village that’s always worth seeing at Christmas and visiting during the summer months.

Summerside’s imposing winter skyline. The staggering structural heights piercing the azure blue sky! Maybe not – but beautiful.

Big Cats – Lion Pride – A family outing!

Bulk Carrier Ship in Port Summerside, PEI   Shoveler flies the Cyprus flag.

Ice forming in Summerside Harbour, PEI. December 15, 2017

PEI Malpeque Oysters – Best in the World and found in every major North American city.

An attic find. Gilbert’s Chemistry Experiment Lab – a Christmas gift from the 50’s

View of St. John’s Harbour (Newfoundland) from the dining tower “The Rooms” in the beautiful museum. Worth visiting!

Robert Lowry’s Piano Store – Sales and Repair, Eglinton Avenue, Toronto

Remembrance Day Service, Toronto, Ontario 2017

November 11, Old City Hall, Toronto, Ontario

November 11, 2017 – after the wreaths, then the individual poppies are laid. Toronto

Eglinton Avenue West area. Toronto

Cabot Trail – Hikers Dining Shelter along with a wood stove and clean washrooms

Are these Cape Breton (Margaree Forks) pigs or sows or hogs? They don’t seem to care much about Tim Horton’s coffee – dark Roast.

Cabot Trail, Cape Breton – a waterfalls.

Cabot Trail, Cape Breton

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New Brunswick view of the Confederation Bridge – Be sure to visit Cape Jourimain Nature Centre, in NB before you cross the bridge.

North Shore, Prince Edward Island

Cape Tormentine, New Brunswick

Fields of Margate, PEI