Daily Bible Reading Plans

There is no substitute for the daily systematic and orderly reading of the Word of God. If you are not already following a reading schedule this site provides seven options for the daily reading of your Bible. One of our favorite plans is the Robert Murray McCheyne’s plan which has you reading through your entire Bible once a year and through the Psalms and New Testament twice a year. http://www.bibleplan.org/mcheyne.htm

But there are other plans for you to consider. You can start at any point during the year – just start with today’s date and follow the plan until December 31st, and then start again and complete the entire Bible Reading Plan over the next 12 months. START TODAY!

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Audio Christian Messages – Voices for Christ 

New England Bible Sales 

James and Lois Thompson operate New England Bible Sales out of Sidney, Maine, USA. They carry a wide range of Christian books and supplies. If you would like to contact them for prices or for purchasing email them at: [email protected]

Truth and Tidings

Monthly publication of Christian teaching for today’s believers. Also, a powerful search function on Bible topics and challenging questions.

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Precious Seed 

Precious Seed: Christian literature based on New Testament church principles.

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Online Arabic Bible Study Program

Arabs all over the world can learn about the Bible and Christianity through this Online Bible Correspondence course in Arabic.

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Odyssey Stories for Kids 

Odyssey Stories for Kids – Audio and Free. Large selection of good stories for kids, filled with suspense, intrigue, good morals and truths to positively shape young lives.

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Gospel Folio Press 

Bible based Christian resources for christian growth and evangelical outreach.

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Free Postal Bible Studies 

Free Postal Bible Studies for All ages – PBS offers a wide range of Bible Study Courses.

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