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Life Lessons

Unredacted Report Very Damaging – Available Here

By On April 19, 2019

Redacted and unredacted have become familiar adjectives in common parlance. At one time, it seemed to be a word used mostly by lawyers and courts of law. If you are guilty or someone you love and respect is suspected of wrong-doing, the more details of an incriminating nature that are hidden, obscured or withheld, the greater your relief will be…

Changed Lives

Mormon Missionary Embraces Christ as His Saviour

By On November 27, 2018

Micah Wilder Tells His Story Watching this 17-minute video will be time well spent. If you are seeking peace, Micah will clearly tell you where he found it. If you are sincerely working at your religion to find favour with God, Micah will give you the truth from God’s Word. He has critical information to share. He shares his story…

Life Lessons

Welcome to the Bible! #1 Disease and Cure

By On August 18, 2018

The Bible is divided into two major sections – the Old Testament and the New Testament. Perhaps you just have a copy of the New Testament or maybe you have both sections. The Old was written prior to the birth of Christ and the New was written after Christ’s mission to the earth. The Bible is like a letter from…

Bible Bites

Some Things Cannot be Suppressed!

By On July 17, 2018

Some tried but they failed. Had they been successful, we wouldn’t have one on our desk or beside our bed or on our phone. Over the centuries, evil powers have made multiple attempts to wipe it out. Dark, but sophisticated strategies have been employed to erase it from the minds and hearts of people. But the continuing dominance of the…

Life Lessons

Holy Bible: Best Seller Ever

By On October 26, 2010

Some comedians mock the Bible on their late-night shows.  Some university professors sneer at the book, confidently affirming that it is an irrelevant relic from a former age when people were naïve, simple and downright dumb.  Even a few religious leaders give the Bible a thumbs-down rating – as if it was quickly losing its popularity and relevance. Bible’s Popularity…

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