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A Baby is a Baby

By On December 18, 2018

Some say those infant pictures taken minutes after the baby is born – are mostly special to only the parents and the grandparents. Oh yes, everyone is thrilled to get a picture of the planet’s newest arrival,  but how many actually take it and get it enlarged and then framed – to occupy a prominent place on their mantelpiece? Only…


Christmas – Good Tidings of Peace and Joy

By On December 2, 2018

His arrival on the Planet did not follow the protocols for a Royal visit. The stable manger was His birth place. There was no room for Him in the Bethlehem inn. Animals and a few shepherds welcomed His arrival. The Government of the day slaughtered innocent toddlers in an attempt to murder the infant Prince of Peace. His hometown of…

Bible Bites

Evangelism Ideas for Christmas

By On December 1, 2018

What you are about to read was sent out as a Bible Bite back in 2006. We are now officially into the month of December. Opportunity awaits us all again. This is NOT a regular Bible-Bite. This is being sent to you – to encourage you to seize this month as an opportunity to share Christ in a very special…

Life Lessons

God Became Man – The Christmas Story

By On December 1, 2017

So many streets are lined with nicely decorated homes for the Christmas season. The wreaths, red bows and holly hanging on the doors; the windows lit up with flickering candles; lights carefully mounted on houses and strung on shrubs and trees  – all add to the warmth and festive nature of Christmas. Romantic Birth Scenes If you look close enough,…

Life Lessons

World’s Most Expensive Christmas Tree

By On December 8, 2012

 This story is now available as a Christmas Gospel tract. To place your order click here. It will probably qualify for the Guinness World Records. It has been dubbed ‘the world’s most expensive tree’ and it is making news around the world. They say it tops $11 million US in value. There’s nothing cheap about the Christmas tree in the…

Life Lessons

Evidence of Greater Love than Prince William’s

By On October 26, 2010

 When Prince William wanted to demonstrate just how deep his love for Kate Middleton was, he gave her the most meaningful and precious gift he could ever give. Burned in the memories of those who lived in the 80’s and 90’s are the heart broken and sad faces of two young princes, William and Harry, whose mother had tragically died…