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Just Mourners, Memories and a Coffin at the Cemetery

By On January 7, 2020

Have you been using your calculator app lately to crunch the numbers? Is your wealth increasing at the rate your Investment Manager promised? Are things quadrupling within the timeframes you had envisioned? Perhaps that’s not the question you needed to be asked today.  When the economy goes south or when my stocks don’t perform as well, am I consumed by the…

Bible Bites

Is Following Jesus an Easy Path?

By On August 28, 2018

If Christianity appeals to you because it promises you an easy path of prosperity and a smooth sail through life, then you have been taken in a scam. If you’ve come across religious or mega-church pulpit cheerleaders telling you to jump on the Jesus bandwagon and you’ll be in for one life-long blast of a good time – steer clear…

Bible Bites

For Fishermen Only

By On September 27, 2016

There they were – fishermen (or fishers if you like) returning to their vehicles after dark, packing their rods and tackle into their trunks. Even if they did catch a few big ones, was the pain and mess worth it? Black flies, mosquitoes, and moths swarming that fish hole. And then consider the scratches from the low branches, scrapes from…