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Bible Bites

Is Following Jesus an Easy Path?

By On August 28, 2018

If Christianity appeals to you because it promises you an easy path of prosperity and a smooth sail through life, then you have been taken in a scam. If you’ve come across religious or mega-church pulpit cheerleaders telling you to jump on the Jesus bandwagon and you’ll be in for one life-long blast of a good time – steer clear…

Bible Bites

For Fishermen Only

By On September 27, 2016

There they were – fishermen (or fishers if you like) returning to their vehicles after dark, packing their rods and tackle into their trunks. Even if they did catch a few big ones, was the pain and mess worth it? Black flies, mosquitoes, and moths swarming that fish hole. And then consider the scratches from the low branches, scrapes from…