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Life Lessons

Getting Lucky with God? Never.

By On August 21, 2020

In Canada, the chances are slim that you will win the Lotto 6/49 jackpot. How slim? One in 13,983,816 for every single ticket. (1) In fact, you are much less likely to win the 649 jackpot than being struck by a bolt of lightning over the next twelve months. (2) And yet, without fail, people spend their hard-earned money taking…

Life Lessons

Heaven: Jane Fonda Thinks Ted Turner’s a Shoo-in

By On November 18, 2013

Have you ever met anyone yet who has not had some thoughts about life beyond death? Regardless of their beliefs or their denials, I have never yet met a person who hasn’t at least thought about the afterlife. There’s a reason for such a phenomenon. We are hard-wired for eternity. Ted Turner – a media mogul, philanthropist, environmentalist, and quite…