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Bitter Jealousy and Selfish Ambition

By On July 9, 2019

“Just drop it, Elhanan. Some people get the breaks and you’re not one of them. Some people get all the fame, while others fight and win battles in obscurity. Get on with your life and stop living in the past. Jealousy will consume you. Give it up!” “… if you have bitter jealousy and selfish ambition in your hearts, do…

Bible Bites

Help Wanted: Second Fiddlers

By On January 8, 2019

“I am hoping to make a positive impression on the conductor. If I join the orchestra, I’m hoping he gives me the principal trumpet position. I love doing solos. There’s the rush of adrenalin when all eyes are on you and the entire audience is suspended in breathlessness as you play. Then there is the roaring applause as you finish…

Bible Bites

Your Spiritual Resume – Getting Ahead

By On December 11, 2018

Do you have your spiritual CV (Curriculum Vitae) up-to-date and ready to flash around? Do you have your spiritual resume embossed in gold and ready for distribution to any significant person you may encounter? Are all your spiritual accomplishments cited, with a section listing the most significant people you know? Accepted practices in the secular world often have no application…

Bible Bites

Wearing Bible Clothes

By On May 15, 2018

Finding clothes on fashion sites or in magazines is one thing, but have you ever found clothes in the Bible? Clothes that God expects you to wear? Have you paused at your closet door to scan your clothing options for the day, breathing out a perplexing sigh: “What will I wear today?” or “What will I put on?” We make our…

Bible Bites

Making a Name for Yourself

By On January 2, 2018

I once had to introduce a distinguished speaker whose curriculum vitae was many pages long. He had many accomplishments and he seemed to quite enjoy people giving him a long introduction. He had received the nation’s top honors and he deserved them. He belonged to many prestigious societies; he was an honorary physician to the Queen, a United Nations’ celebrity,…