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Changed Lives

Lost and Empty Then – Peace and Purpose Now

By On April 9, 2018

Personal Testimony of Richard Ross Early Life I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, in the city of Berkeley. Berkeley was then a quiet college town, and I was happy there with my parents, and my three sisters. My father was a professor at the University of California, and most of the family friends were university people, sharing…

Life Lessons

Kurt Cobain: The Inner Torment

By On March 25, 2011

1967-1994 Slow Down. Stop. Turn-Around. Believe. Fame does not equal happiness. Fans cannot fill the void. Success is not the source of joy. Chemicals may mask the pain but the hurt never heals. Speed brings blur – not focus in life. The fast lane is crowded. The current is strong. Casualties are daily. Real lives become vital statistics. People turn…

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