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Bible Bites

Correcting with Love

By On February 18, 2020

It must have been one of the most difficult letters for the Apostle Paul to write. He knew these people.  He had lived in Corinth for at least eighteen months – working, preaching, teaching and fellowshipping. The city was infested with corruption and had earned the notorious immoral distinction of being a wicked hub of vice and vulgarity. But God…

Bible Bites

Always with Love.  Never Without It.

By On November 26, 2019

The local church in Corinth had lots of potential but also lots of problems. It was a long letter the Apostle Paul had written to them. Did they convene a special weekend service to read aloud the long letter? If some worker or missionary was to write such a long letter today, we’d be restless by the time Chapter Two…