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Christmas – Good Tidings of Peace and Joy

By On December 2, 2018

His arrival on the Planet did not follow the protocols for a Royal visit. The stable manger was His birth place. There was no room for Him in the Bethlehem inn. Animals and a few shepherds welcomed His arrival. The Government of the day slaughtered innocent toddlers in an attempt to murder the infant Prince of Peace. His hometown of…

Life Lessons

Avicii Craving Peace

By On May 10, 2018

Avicii was only 28. In just a few short years he had amassed millions and his world-wide fame spiked to 320 performances in a year. People in the entertainment business use terms such as his ‘meteoric rise’ to describe his popularity after the release of his hit-single Levels in 2011. The lyrics were simple – Oh, sometimes I get a…

Changed Lives

Olympian Snowboarder Kelly Clark – Empty Void Inside Filled

By On December 3, 2014

</div><p style=”text-align: justify;”>If you had no friends, no money, no success, no breaks in life, no significance and no future you could understand the dark feeling of being empty inside. Perhaps you have a horrible inner void, screaming out to be filled, that hauntingly echoes through the hollow caverns of your secret life. But what if you had everything above…