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Life Lessons

Unredacted Report Very Damaging – Available Here

By On April 19, 2019

Redacted and unredacted have become familiar adjectives in common parlance. At one time, it seemed to be a word used mostly by lawyers and courts of law. If you are guilty or someone you love and respect is suspected of wrong-doing, the more details of an incriminating nature that are hidden, obscured or withheld, the greater your relief will be…

Life Lessons

Masters of Disguise

By On December 22, 2017

We have so many layers. Like peeling an onion, someone has said. We can be piously sweet, smiling and gregarious. We can be connivingly sneaky, self-serving and mean. We can be ever-so-clean; and then, disgustingly filthy. In our desire to be respected and accepted, we publicly show our better side. Masters of disguise we truly are. Years ago, kids once…

Life Lessons

I’m Sorry! Mea Culpa! – Repentance?

By On December 4, 2006

2006 will probably go down as the big year for mea culpas. Mea Culpa is the Latin for: a personal acknowledgment of failure or fault. Inserting the Latin word ‘maxima’ changes it to a ‘big’ failure. November was the month a stand-up comic actor committed a potentially career-ending blunder. During his stand-up comedy act at a Hollywood club, he lost…

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