Building, maintaining and often repairing our horizontal relationships are everyday real-life experiences. We can be so occupied with our relationships with family, friends and associates we overlook the most critical relationship of all – our personal relationship with God. The vertical relationship.

You may have some tough questions you want answered on your spiritual journey. Perhaps you are not yet ready to enter into a vertical relationship with God. You may have a knowledge of God. You may believe in God. But mere knowledge and belief will not take you to God’s Heaven. You must have a personal relationship with Him.

The good news of the Bible is that God is ‘knowable.’ He is not some distant, remote force who acts coldly without feelings as the owner/operator of the universe. The Bible teaches just the opposite. He is a God of feelings. He cares. He is compassionate. He loves. There are things that please Him and things that cause Him anger. He is fair. He is true. He is holy and the good news is He is near and intimately aware of everything that is happening in our lives.

Is God interested in you? He wants to have a very personal and permanent relationship with you. He offers that to you today.

All of the above sounds nice and good – but you are not convinced. You still have some tough questions you need to work through before you go further. That’s what this section is all about.

If you have questions about God, don’t be afraid to ask them. Click here to ask your question.