The title makes this essay vulnerable to attacks. Exclusive claims of uniqueness and superiority immediately come under fire from those who promote the validity and God’s tolerance of all belief systems. You may find it offensive that Christianity claims to be the only belief system acceptable to God.

Are you willing to critique this claim with an open mind and consider the arguments in support of this claim?

Central to the Christian faith is the person called Jesus Christ and the book called the Bible. Christians believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the Bible is the Word of God. If you could successfully poke holes in their defense of Jesus Christ and the Bible, you would effectively destroy the very foundations of their belief system.

Christianity is the only belief system in the world that has mountains of evidence to prove its truthfulness. This essay is very brief. It is not meant to be, in any way, a complete or exhaustive defense of Christianity. At best, we hope it will provoke you to investigate more fully the claims of Christianity. In addition to the links provided throughout this article, we invite you to email us your questions or concerns about Christianity.

This essay looks at five unique features of the Christian faith:

  1. CHRISTIANITY IS THE ONLY BELIEF SYSTEM THAT relies on a book that can be proven to be Divine rather than human in its origin.
  2. CHRISTIANITY IS THE ONLY BELIEF SYSTEM THAT claims its leader is the Son of God and can provide evidence to support the claim.
  3. CHRISTIANITY IS THE ONLY BELIEF SYSTEM THAT provides an adequate explanation of the human condition and allows you to be honest about your own spiritual condition.
  4. CHRISTIANITY IS THE ONLY BELIEF SYSTEM THAT offers a remedy (a Saviour) outside of and completely independent of any human effort.
  5. CHRISTIANITY IS THE ONLY BELIEF SYSTEM THAT guarantees an instantaneous change in your status with God and a permanent acceptance by God called eternal life.